Danielle House – Pageant Queen Packin’ a Punch

celeb: Danielle House
occupation: Canadian beauty queen and Playboy model






Wow you know you’re washed up when there aren’t any individual current pictures of you on the net. The only one I could find was this movie poster. From what I can tell Ms House is still attractive, but older and chubbier. Happens.  Danielle House was Miss Newfoundland 1995 and later crowned Miss Canada International 1995.  However when Danielle witnessed a girl with her ex-boyfriend in a bar she became enraged and assaulted the girl, punching her in the face. That’s when Danielle’s pageant career took a nosedive. Danielle was arrested and charged with assault. It wasn’t long before the Miss Canada International committee got wind of the assault and within a week Danielle had lost her crown to the first runner-up.

Danielle’s de-crowning caused a worldwide media frenzy. Television cameras and photographers surrounded Danielle for a week, seeking private audience to hear her story. What started out as an embarrassment for Danielle quickly became a different sort of PR opportunity. She garnished more attention as a disgraced beauty queen than she did while she wore the crown. She gave a tongue-in-cheek interview to the Toronto Sun. Like most controversies however the news got old quickly and Danielle’s 15 minutes of fame ended.

Danielle proved to be a good spin doctor. She starred in a short video for a cosmetic surgeon who, years later featured it on his website. To see Danielle in a cosmetic surgery video click here. She was featured as the guest Chicken Cannon Shooter on Air Farce. However it was her unprecedented move in Canada when she posed for Playboy that caused another wave of controversy, but nowhere near as much as losing her crown. However her December edition was one of the highest selling Playboys of 1997. 

Years went by. Snore. Finally in 2002 she was offered a role in Solid Cover , a film that flopped at the box office. Since then there has been nothing of Danielle House on the net or in the media. You might say her Hollywood career didn’t work out that well. Well, she could always become a judge on a beauty pageant committee.

Nothing since the Playboy spread.
Nothing since the Playboy spread.
Comeback Grade:  G for Get a real job.
Danielle’s Facebook Fans: Where’s her Facebook page?







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9 Responses to Danielle House – Pageant Queen Packin’ a Punch

  1. Anonymous says:

    come back Danielle, we miss you!!

  2. Chromeheart says:

    I have found this to be true: when any type of celeb hasn’t a Facebook page, it means they are dead.

  3. elden slaney says:

    daneille house is married and her last name is andrews,so she is on my facebook under daneille andrews…..she is a real estate agent in st.johns newfoundland

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Newfoundland – a very fine province. Real estate. A step down from Playboy and films but, whatever makes her happy….

  4. ahhhh says:

    I remember her, very bad rep for unprovoked aggression. Scary girl.

    • buddy says:

      A girl I knew brushed ash from her cigarette against her sleeve in a crowded bar and when she turned to apologize, she got a hard punch and a very black eye. I remember her reputation for being a total wack job, violent and mean as a mad dog.

  5. NLer says:

    I know that Danielle Andrews who works as a broker, not a real estate agent, She was originally Danielle Senior and became Danielle House by marriage. Her husband passed away and she remarried and is now currently Danielle Andrews. No affiliation with the former Miss Canada/Playboy model.

  6. Elden Slaney says:

    Danielle does live in st.johns nor is she a real estate agent.oops I had it all wrong

  7. Maggie says:

    Women who can fight will fight…why waste a rare talent that Danielle has that drives men wild.

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