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  1. K Newman says:

    I think Shelly Long is a wonderful, funny actress. I think she’s very attractive. And I don’t think she’s washed up at all. I have enjoyed her in many movies and television shows.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This blog is shit. You are pathetic, not the people you write about. I could go into detail as to why you are pathetic, but it should be obvious. Foolish bitch.

  3. You are mean and pathetic. You know little about Kristy Mcnichol’s acting ability. She made some poor movie choices (or had them made for her by other people) after “Family” ended. She was one of the most talented young actors to ever come along – that’s not my opinion, it’s the opinion of experienced actors who worked with her. She made that impression without having any formal training. She eventually left the business because she was tired of the pressures and the toll it had taken on her peronal life growing up as a child actor.
    Again, you are really mean. I can’t believe I wasted this much of my life coming across your ridiculous block. At least do your homework and know what the hell you are talking about before you rip people. What the hell have you done in your life to judge Kristy Mcnichol? She did more before she was 16 before most of us do in a lifetime.

  4. What’s funny is I was *literally* thinking to myself that I should start a blog which did *nothing* but troll THIS blog and find truly inspiring people who went after a career they loved (I’m thinking Kristy MacNichol and others like her) — did an excellent job of it, tried their best and gracefully chose a different path when it was time — and that I would try my very best to find a person or two a day who was an inspiration and put some real LOVE out there for them so that if that person happened to search the web one day, they’d find a little present waiting there for them and they’d maybe feel a little hug from people — like I’d not even LINK to this poorly conceived blog or mention it by name but I’d just … try to find every supportive, positive thing I could that was said about [Kristy, for example] and put it all in one place and I’d filter out the negative stuff… I’d turn that frown upside down.

    In all honesty — the thing I find most disturbing about this blog is that — though it doesn’t have a lot of followers, it has a TON of comments and it ranks really high In Google search results and it hasn’t even been updated in months. I’m going to see if I can get ahold of wordpress and maybe take it over… do a remodel and take every negative word out.


    “Heal The World, Make It A Better Place. For You And For Me And The Entire Human Race. There Are People Dying. If You Care Enough For The Living Make It a Better Place For You And For Me.” –Michael Jackson (the very poster child of love in the face of everything but love — my hero for today)

    • RJP says:

      Poster child of love? Um, anyone recall tge child molester years? How soon we forget.

    • John Felix Koziol says:

      RJP brings up an excellent point. I like Michael Jackson’s music, both with “The Jackson Five” and on his own. However, it was only recently where I heard that one of the children he was close to, now, of course, all grown up, admitted that he did actually molest the children he’d have over to “Neverland.” So, “Harry Poppins,” yes, Michael Jackson was the very poster child for love, however, he took it too far, WAY TOO far!!!

      • rickinator69 says:

        I think she filters out all the negative stuff in real life, too. Maybe that means they didn’t happen. I wonder how that blog to troll this blog is working out for her. Because that was a really good idea. The blog trolling a blog that trolls. Genius.

    • rickinator69 says:

      I thought you were saying you were going to troll all the people who write into this blog with the whining, crying comments. I guess you turned out to be one of them. No, seriously. I really thought for a second…heyyyy…finally someone who isn’t being a pathetic crybaby in the comments. But nope. My bad, unfortunately. And you wrote too much. Way, way too much for someone that’s being just like everyone else.

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