Tom Cruise, Scientology and Three Failed Marriages


This blog started out as a biography about Mimi Rogers but as I read about her marriage to the thing that calls itself Tom Cruise, I became more interested in the effect Scientology can have on people. In this case I decided to research Tom Cruise’s failed marriages and their influence by Scientology. Rogers as it were, is more stunningly beautiful now than she was when she was younger. She has a very impressive career in film and television and is now a producer. Cool. I’m just as interested in her involvement in Scientology (which creeps me out) as I am in her film career.

Rogers has taken on several small roles and walk-ons in films and television shows. One of my absolute favourites was her role as a homicidal actress in Tales from the Crypt – Beauty Rest. Watch that one. It’s got beautiful women, Kathy Ireland, a 1980s supermodel, a beauty pageant and lots of cattiness. Awesome.

Wife Number One – Mimi Rogers
Rogers became involved with Scientology long before she met and married Cruise. Rogers’ father, Phil Spickler,  became involved in Dianetics in 1952 and would later become a prominent Mission Holder with the Church of Scientology and a friend of the Church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was a science fiction writer who built the premise of Scientology on the belief that a dictator of the “Galactic Confederacy” named Xenu who, 75 million years ago, brought billions of his people to Earth in a spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes and killed them with hydrogen bombs. Riiight. Perhaps Xenu hung out with  Marshall Applewhite, the founder of Heaven’s Gate, To think that a woman as intelligent a Rogers would believe in this broo-haha boggles the mind. But I digress.

tomRogers became a trained auditor with the church. Prior to her acting career, she opened a “field auditing” practice, the Scientology Enhancement Center with her first husband, Jim Rogers. Later they divorced. She was a church auditor for Sonny Bono.  Cruise was also a client before Rogers directed towards a Celebrity Centre.

In an interview given to the Los Angeles Times in 1991, she stated “that philosophy was simply part of my upbringing. And, I think it was an excellent system of belief to grow up with because Scientology offers an extremely pragmatic method for taking spiritual concerns and breaking them down into everyday applications .” Regardless, Rogers left  Scientology.  She is described in media reports as a “former” member of the church.

Hubbard went into total seclusion in 1980, and the missions were targeted by a new cohort of leadership in the church, which included David Miscavige. Miscavige held an infamous meeting in 1982 which decimated the missions. Spickler left the church but he didn’t abandon his interest in Scientology. By church standards, that made him a “squirrel,” someone who practices Scientology outside of official channels. Seriously. A squirrel. Maybe they thought he was nuts. Haha.

Mimi’s father was declared a Suppressive Person after leaving the church in the early 1980s during a cull of Mission Holders. A SP in the Scientology perspective is a person with anti-social personalities. A statement on a Church of Scientology website describes this group as including notorious historic figures such as Adolf Hitler. Wow. Not the biggest compliment Spickler ever received I’m sure. Heil.

MimiRogersApr09It was through Scientology that Rogers and Cruise met. He became her second  of three husbands, she became his first of three wives. Rogers marriage to Cruise disintegrated after 3 years. It is rumoured that Scientology broke up the marriage but who knows how true that is. The story is quite interesting and it goes like this: Mimi wanted to get Cruise into Scientology training since she thought it would help him handle his philandering. “Tom was fucking everything that moved,” a friend said. “But they were all women. I know why the gay rumors started later, but it had nothing to do with who he was having sex with. He slept with women and he slept with a lot of them.”

If Rogers was hoping Scientology would help cure Cruise of his predilection to sleep around, Dave Miscavige was determined to encourage Cruise as a way to push Rogers away. “Miscavige was micromanaging the living hell out of it behind the scenes. Miscavige wanted to own Tom. He didn’t want Rogers to have any connection to him. Dave was maneuvering himself into being Tom’s opinion leader and best friend. He needed … to convince Tom that anything good that happened to him, you have to attribute to Dave.

But Cruise’s involvement in Scientology presented a dilemma (Houston, we have a problem). After Hubbard’s death, Scientology needed a new celebrity  to improve its image(I dare say that backfired on them). But Cruise had gotten into the Church through Rogers, who was connected to her “squirrel” father. It was one thing to use Cruise as a trophy but not so good if he promoted squirrels. Maybe he should have promoted chipmunks. The Church decided that the marriage would have to end. Nice church.

When Cruise began filming Days of Thunder he and Nicole Kidman began a sexual affair. When she realized what was going on, Rogers demanded that she and Cruise go through Scientology’s version of marriage counseling which is as warped as you’d expect. Two spouses have to sit down with an auditor, with each of them taking turns being quizzed. For hours, the spouses are asked “What have you done to your spouse?” and “What have you withheld from spouse?” Absolutely nothing positive in this so-called counselling. That’s a good way to strengthen a marriage.

After the counseling failed (what a surprise), a church member stepped in to tell Rogers that it was time for the marriage to end. Seriously. He visited her, carrying divorce papers, and with an attorney. Disgusted with how she was treated, Rogers quit the Church in 1990. She signed an agreement with Tom not to talk about the marriage with the press.  In an interview with Playboy in 1993, Rogers discussed her split from Cruise and likened her ex-husband to a “monk” when discussing intimacy issues. Rogers later retracted the comments and claimed she had been misinterpreted. I believe the signed agreement is the reason Rogers recanted her statement. To be fair, Rogers was 6 years Cruise’s senior and she looked much older. Cruise was very young and probably not ready to get married. That didn’t help them either.

Wife Number Two – Nicole Kidman
As you have read in the Rogers marriage, Kidman and Cruise became involved when Cruise was still married to Rogers. While Kidman and Cruise were filming on the set of Days of Thunder they began a sexual affair. Eventually the two married. A documentary kidentitled Alex Gibney’s Going Clear documented the breakup of Cruise and Kidman’s ten-year marriage. The film traced Cruise’s relationship with the Church, and claimed it intentionally broke up his marriage with Kidman because she was not a believer. It made Cruise feel paranoid about his relationship so much so that he ordered a tap on Kidman’s phone. Cruise was largely absent from the church during his nearly 10-year marriage to Kidman.

The break-up happened just when Kidman had conceived Cruise’s child, causing her to have a miscarriage.  As former members tell it, the trouble started after he fell in love with Kidman on the set of 1990’s Days of Thunder. Because her father was a psychiatrist (the church doesn’t believe in the profession), Kidman was seen as an enemy. Her father, like Roger’s, was a SP. In Scientology terms, she was labeled a P.T.S. (Potential Trouble Source).) Indeed she was. Cruise “drifted” from the church during the marriage. He was unreachable on the set of the couple’s joint thriller, 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut. Kidman discouraged Cruise from pursuing Scientology and for a decade, it worked.

Desperate to get the ambassador back, Miscaviage enacted a plan to “facilitate the break-up.” He sent officials to “audit” Cruise’s mental state and stir-up his paranoia. Soon after Cruise requested a wire-tap on Kidman’s phone because he was concerned that she was confiding in non-church members about their problems. Members also persuaded the couple’s kids, Isabella and Connor, to turn against Kidman to ensure that Cruise would get full custody of them. It worked.

Insofar as psychiatry is concerned, Scientology simply doesn’t allow for it. Cruise has stated “there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance,” (I beg to differ – he is a perfect example of it). In an interview with Matt Lauer he turned on him as he argued vehemently against psychiatry. “Here’s the problem. You don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do,” Cruise fumed. “You should be a little more responsible in knowing what it is because you communicate to people.”

Cruise as a spokesperson has been ambiguous at best, disastrous at worst. The documentary Going Clear includes footage of Cruise speaking to a congregation of brain-washed Scientology followers. The pertinent question that is asked is “why is Tom Cruise paid a thousand bucks to have invisible aliens pulled out of his body?” Kidman was bewildered when Cruise simply walked out refusing to go for marriage counselling (not in the Scientology church). So much for his second marriage.

arrives at the "Mad Money" premiere at Mann Village Theater on January 9, 2008 in Westwood, California.

arrives at the “Mad Money” premiere at Mann Village Theater on January 9, 2008 in Westwood, California.

Wife Number Three – Katie Holmes
This time Cruise’s wife left him. Holmes had to plan her escape for quite some time. For once, Cruise was the one who was blind-sided. It was Cruise’s turn to be shocked and devastated. Cruise had been prepared to fly to New York with Suri and Holmes and celebrate his birthday. Instead he flew to L.A. without his family, alone and unhappy.

Once again Scientology played a role in Cruise’s divorce. Holmes supposedly told a source that Cruise’s “fierce loyalty to his faith” was to blame for the marital breakup. At the start of the marriage, Holmes embraced the Scientology beliefs but over time she withdrew from their practices. She also feared that Suri would be pulled too deeply into the Church. They married in the Scientology faith. Cruise was very honest about his devotion to Scientology with Holmes so her rejection of the religion (or cult) was extreme and for Cruise unexpected.

Former members describe practices that range from weird to downright torturous. One woman recalled how she had to perform chores such as “rock-hauling” meaning hauling rocks out of a creek, when she was six years old. Another story detailed a man whose punishment for an indiscretion was to clean a bathroom floor with his tongue. Small wonder that Holmes removed Suri from the Church.

Cruise remains a die-hard Scientology devotee. Perhaps when he marries Wife Number Four she’ll be more submissive to his demands and he will make his Scientology-based marriage work or they’ll be facing a war of the worlds.










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    This looks like it was your last blog. Maybe you ought to do one more… about yourself.

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    What was the deal with Penelope Cruz and scientology??

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