Helen Guergis – Bitch in the Bata Shoe Dog House

who:  Helen Guergis
occupation:  Disgraced Former Conservative Cabinet Minister and Bata Shoe Queen

April 9, 2010
Forced resignation from Tory Caucus



Let me reiterate:  politicians are NOT celebrities….I just love dissing them in my wash-up blog. 2010 was the Year of Helena Guergis.  Beauty, a breathy baby-doll voice, scandal, hissy fits, connections to the Hells Angels, her story had it all. Helena represented my temporary home-away-from-home: Simcoe-Grey in Parliament and in 2008 was appointed to Minister of State (Status of Women). Go, girl (oops). That’s when Helena messed up. On February 19, 2010 Guergis threw a hissy fit at the Charlottetown, P.E.I. (her home town) airport. And that is when Helena’s career began a serious nosedive.

An airport employee snitched to her Party:  Helena didn’t want to take off her shoes which activated the sensor. Helena went bonkers the employee insisted (this was later proven to be exaggerated), shrieking insults and making threats.  Listen, I understand. They’re shoes for freak’s sake. Shoes. I have 5 pairs I’ve never worn that still have the price tag on them. They’re for display. Consider the fictional significance of female footwear. The Wicked Witch of the East (no, not Helena) wanted Dorothy dead for those one-of-a-kind red shoes. Cinderella snagged a prince because he liked her footwear. A Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale featured 7 league boots, meaning the wearer could cover 7 leagues (whatever that is) in one step. Toronto, Ontario features the Bata Shoe Museum. How could you not sympathize with Helena? Article: Kelly PcParland:  Helena Guergis deserves a medal
Video: Helena Guergis: Beauty Pageant video she doesn’t want you to see.

On February 25, Helena’s party forced her to issue a grudging apology, but good ol’ Helena doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. On March 15, 2010 she stated she was considering legal action against Air Canada for violation of her privacy. Oh, Helena. Get over it, girl. She was forced to resign from Cabinet and leave the Conservative Party caucus on April 9, 2010 however not due to the airport incident.
Video: Helena Guergis to sue Air Canada. CTV Exclusive
Video: Helena Geurgis: Angry in P.E.I. The minister, the allegation and now the reaction


That was just her party’s way of giving her the 7 league boot outta there. Ouch.  Here’s where Helena gets truly weird. Helena ordered her assistant Jessica Craven to write an anonymous letter to the media praising Helena’s achievements. Like yourself much Helena? It didn’t take long to trace the source. When it blew up in Helena’s face she blamed Jessica. Classy broad, that Helena. Article Letters praising Helena Guergis written by Guergis’s assistant. 
Article Guergis pleads ignorance of assistant’s letters

But wait! There’s more! Helena married herself a prize: Rahim Jaffer, also an MP in Parliament (now a former MP…but that’s another blog entirely). The Globe and Mail reported that Nazim Gillani, a Toronto con man and financier, had dinner with Rahim then fired off an email stating that Helena’s hubby “opened the Prime Minister’s Office to us.” Ouch. Rahim wasn’t having a good night. After dinner, OPP arrested him for speeding, drunk driving and cocaine possession. Through legal technicalities (wink) Rahim pleaded guilty to careless driving, and the cocaine and drunk driving charges were dropped. More than ever Helena’s career was in the dog house and it’s just unfair because Helena is not a cokehead. Wait a minute. She did marry a man with similar values: deceptive, fraudulent and a cheat. Article Former MP Jahim Jaffer connected to alleged conman. 
Nazim Gillani – April 28 2010 – Opening Statement

On April 9, 2010, Helena was forced to resign as Minister of State for Status of Women. Harper said both the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Commons ethics commissioner Mary Dawson were conducting a further investigation about Helena’s conduct. Now that’s a laugh. In 2011 Ouimet, Dawson’s replacement as ethics commisioner, was forced to resign for her various fraudulent actions. (Read my blog Canadian Democracy R.I.P.)  And Guergis now sits as an independent for re-election this May. Video: Ex-Tory MP with Hookers & Helena Guergis
Video: CBC – Guergis Resigning
Video: CBC – Helena Guergis Interview – Part 1

Dear God, help us all. The Guergis’ had a baby boy on December 15, 2010. The Guergis’ are breeding. Article Helena Guergis gives birth to baby boy.


Remains to be seen at the voting pools
Comeback Grade: H for Hire a spin doctor already, would ya?
Helena’s Facebook Fans:  295 …  that hissy fit really cost her 





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