Anna Nicole Smith – the Obese Version of Marilyn Monroe

Anna-Nicole-Smith_The-Early-Years-Edit_HD_768x432-16x9Anna Nicole Smith (aka Vickie Lynn Hogan) was born November 28, 1967. Smith lived one of those rags to riches biographies – rather like her idol, Marilyn Monroe. Smith dropped out of high school at age 15 and was married three years later, in 1985. Monroe married at the age of 16 to avoid returning to an orphanage. Smith’s highly publicized second marriage to J. Howard Marshall resulted in speculation that she married the octogenarian mainly for his money, which she denied. She reportedly never lived with him, never made love with him, or kissed him on the mouth more than ten times. After his death, Smith claimed Marshall promised her half his estate if she married him but he never included her in his will. Ultimately, Smith died without a penny from Marshall. Monroe had the opportunity to wed a billionaire in his 50’s, but unlike Smith she had enough integrity to continue her career climb without marrying for money.

Alternatively, Smith could be stunningly beautiful, then ghoulish-looking. Smith came to public attention through Playboy, winning the 1993 Playmate of the Year.  The magazine made her an overnight modeling sensation, and she became known for wanting to be “the next Marilyn Monroe“. Monroe was the very first Playmate ever to grace the magazine’s centerfold except back in the day, the women were labeled Sweetheart of the Month. Unlike Smith, Monroe’s picture wasn’t what launched her to stardom. She was already filming Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when her nude calendar picture, photographed by Tom Kelly long before anyone knew who Monroe was, became a nationwide sensation. The picture nearly cost Monroe the role.

640px-Marilyn_Monroe_-_publicityFor a famous woman, Smith was one of the least original celebrities ever to walk the red carpet. Frankly, she was a joke. She spent her career imitating the most beautiful woman who ever lived, yet Smith completely lacked talent and had no significant film achievements, or film awards, to her name.  Smith never found recognition as an actress.Smith wanted serious roles but Hollywood studios were reluctant. No kidding. Her persona of a ditzy dumb blonde was compressed heavily in her few film roles, which marketed her physical assets. Monroe struggled with the same stereotype, but unlike Smith she had talent and, late in her career, was largely able to overcome the dumb blonde stigma.

As a been-there-done-that publicity stunt, Smith mimicked Monroe by wearing a copy of the star’s flyaway, white sundress and standing over a fake subway grate. Yawn. Smith was way too fat for the dress and for the Monroe wanna-be effort. In the early 2000s, Smith had very few acting roles although she was offered her own reality show. When it premiered on August 4, 2002, it had the highest cable rating ever issued for a reality show. Despite the popularity of the show amongst college students and pop culture fanatics, the show declined considerably in viewership at the end of its first season. It was, however, renewed for a second season, before being cancelled on June 1, 2003, after two seasons and twenty-seven episodes. Surprise.

When she accepted a contract with Guess, photographers decided Smith bore a striking resemblance not to Monroe, but to bombshell Jayne Mansfield and showcased her in several Mansfield-inspired photo sessions. A photograph of Smith was used by New York magazine on the cover of its August 22, 1994, issue titled White Trash Nation. In the photo she appears squatting in a short skirt with cowboy boots as she eats chips. In October 1994, her lawyer brought a $5 million lawsuit against the magazine, claiming unauthorized use of her photo, and that the article damaged her reputation. Frankly, I’m with New York magazine.

Smith’s weight see-sawed throughout her career. At her heaviest, Smith weighed in at a 61725_anna-nikol-smit_or_anna-nicole-smith_1600x1200_www-gdefon-ruhefty 225 lbs. That’s way too much Playmate. Monroe never weighed over 156 lbs and when she died she weighed 117lbs. However, during her postmortem autopsy, Smith was diagnosed as having a severe thyroid disease that caused a slow deterioration of the thyroid gland. This may have contributed to her weight gain, although this hasn’t been proven, especially since Smith’s weight dropped significantly when she secured a contract with TrimSpa. Smith took the job in an effort to earn money and, at that point in her life, hang onto whatever scraps were left of her career. In March 2005, at the first MTV Australia Video Music Awards in Sydney’s Luna Park, she drunkenly mimicked Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction by pulling down her dress to reveal both breasts, each covered with the MTV logo. Classy broad. Have you ever seen more ridiculous implants than these? Didn’t think so.

Probably the most pitiful video of Smith was the notorious and creepy clown video. Clearly under the influence of drugs, Smith, with her face disturbingly painted like a clown, carried on a weird, garbled conversation with the videographer, her boyfriend Howard Stern. It was an all-time low for the model and Marilyn wanna-be.

Smith died on February 8, 2007 in a Hollywood, Florida hotel room as a result of an overdose of prescription drugs. At first when I heard she died at the age of 39 I figured she was so pathetic a figure that, in an effort to imitate Monroe to the end, she even committed suicide before she left her 30’s. Monroe died at the age of 36. However, after watching an episode of Autopsy: The Last Hours Of , I gained a new perspective on her death.

  1. I don’t believe Smith died due to an intentional overdose, in spite of her depression over her son’s death as he lay in her bed at her side.
  2. She died due to a lethal and unintentional combination of prescription medication, including chloral hydrate, a favourite of Monroe’s and
  3. a very high fever

Anna_Nicole_Smith_164Smith had prescriptions for 18 different medications. She took many of them, often with alcohol, to deal with the physical pain of her huge breast implants which she got to imitate her idol. The implants stretched her breasts until her nipples split and the implants had to be removed. After she healed, Smith had them replaced. Eventually they infected again, and once more they were removed. This painful ritual continued for several months of Smiths life. The implants also caused her severe back pain and she became addicted to a number of painkillers to quell the agony. Just remove them already. After Smith’s death, Kim Waithera friend and assistant, pleaded with the press not to make Smith “into a joke.” It was a moot point. Smith had already made herself into a joke.

On the night she died, Smith refused to allow her entourage to call an ambulance even though she was perilously ill. Even in her weakened state, she worried the press would ridicule her again, accusing her of an intentional overdose when that wasn’t the case. However, in such a tenuous state of mind, her friends should have taken matters into their own hands and called an ambulance. Had they done so it is likely Smith would still be alive today.

Pathetic. But alive.



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12 Responses to Anna Nicole Smith – the Obese Version of Marilyn Monroe

  1. This was an unnecessary cruel article.

  2. mosey says:

    Correction; Kim WALTHER was Smith’s former friend and assistant. The article is very realistic.The truth hurts, but has to be told. Unfortunately, Smith’s daughter is following in mom’s footsteps as a model though she is only 7. Her dad is her manager, little girl is his only source of income since he obtained the custody in April 2007. They were on several reality shows like “Wife Swap,” Millionaire Matchmaker, Access Hollywood, etc.

    • Alexa smith says:

      Actually,he does have a job. That is how they met. He is a photographer. Her daughter is a beautiful little girl. Why shouldn’t she model?

  3. DLH says:

    Very mean-spirited article on a mean-spirited blog. What purpose does it serve to be so cruel to other humans.

  4. porcelainblackdoll says:

    This is really mean. Yeah, she haven’t really had great tallent to be an actress but most of her modelling photos were really beautiful. Sure, she didn’t live a life that we all could accept but…who are we to judge? Let her rest in peace.

    • Alexa smith says:

      I agree this was very mean spirited,especially considering the fact that the lady is deceased. I think she was a gorgeous woman,whether she was “fat” or not.(Btw,I do not agree with that hurtful opinion of her) I believe Marilyn Monroe made a quote once that said something 2 the effect in response to all ladies being called “fat” that SOCIETY is UGLY ,not you. Clearly,the author of this did not get that memo:( Everyone has issues . Rip Anna

  5. Cristian says:

    This is a disgusting article. Dont know why you need to be so hateful, if anyone one is pathetic, its you.

  6. Dennis Tucker says:

    Great article! Smith was a pig. Think I enjoyed the comments almost as much as the article because it offended all these delicate little butt-hurt snowflakes. Great job!

  7. Eve says:

    First of all, it is unfair to compare the weights of the two stars. Anna Nicole Smith was half a foot taller than Marilyn Monroe. The height difference may impact how they carried their respective weights. Also In her last film Marilyn Monroe needed three different size dresses made because of massive weight fluctuations. Anna Nicole Smith is a sad story. She often showed lapses in judgement and had a derivative persona, but she was a human being. No reason for killing yourself should be considered “pathetic” as she was obviously a troubled woman.

  8. Beautiful u says:

    You dear, are a judgemental cunt. By the look on your face, no one would ever pay you to take your clothes off. There’s a reason you’re a writer; looks and charisma are not your strong point. Good luck

  9. Anonymous says:

    Whoever wrote this is a right cunt. Who the fuck do you think you are? You’re nobody. Your ridiculous opinions are comedy at best. Leave the woman alone, let her Rest In Peace, for fucks sale, you douche canoe.

  10. Angela C Taylor says:

    This is the cruelest of articles. Anna Nicole Smith had a very difficult life and she clearly made poor choices, but the woman was a human being. She also left behind a daughter who by now would be old enough to read this. Doesn’t it make you cringe a little bit to know that her child might see this article about her mother? I wonder how it would affect her? Shame on you for this garbage you wrote.

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