Jon Lydon – aka Johnny Rotten with a Rotten, Ruined Reputation

I never could understand what Jon Lydon was – as a performer or a person.  However, I believe his verbal attacks against shocked fans and reporters, and his early, erratic, spitting performances as a Sex Pistol have ultimately revealed his true persona: john_lydon_3224099psychotic.  Lydon is beyond words, an irony for the subject of a blog, considering he wields them so wickedly at people who do not deserve his abuse (does anyone)? Lydon seems to think this distinguishes him and sets him apart, a rebel who tells it like it is (in his reality zone). Then, egad!, 30 years after the dissolution of the Sex Pistols, his haggard face has reappeared in the coolest venue ever: Country Life Butter commercials. He farts about the English countryside and an $8 million sell-out. (Would I have done the commercial for 8 mill? Yes, but I haven’t spent 30 years trashing everyone else for their “commercialism”). Clearly, his finances are in a pickle and no one is offering him a singing job (since he couldn’t sing anyway). And Lydon still has the nerve to crash his way unwanted up the red carpet in L.A., throwing his weight around and ranting about nothing. He’s turned into the turd he would have hated when he was young and had a few bucks, pretending to attend an awards show without realizing it was for the Pistols. He would prefer to be at a pub around the corner. So why not leave? Then again, the pub owner’s happy he pulled a no-show.

“I think Green Day fucking stink. I think they’re the biggest fake (??) artists 220px-John_Lydon_-_2010I have ever seen.” Lydon shrieks at a reporter about a poster he has hung in his home. He’s mocking GD for being stuck in the punk era, although GD didn’t exist then. He’s angry because they swore “we’ll never change” with fame, what he believes to be a lie. See anything of yourself in the band, Lydon? He still introduces himself as Jon Rotten. Is he kidding? Johnny Rotten died after the Pistols (who only made one album) and his early years with Public Image Limited (PIL). He claimed that he moved out of the punk era and this was what prevented him from becoming washed up. Then why not move out of the spotlight entirely and accept the fact that he, like many singers and screamers of the 70s and early 80s, has had his day. He’s an aging rebel-wannabe (he’s got nothing left to rebel against except his own reality). He stated he wasn’t allowed to make music until he made enough money to pay down debts. Enter Country Life. What annoyed him about Madonna? It “drove [him] nutswhen she went to England and pretended to be British. Naturally, phony people piss him off.

Eminem has nothing on Lydon where sexism goes. I’d love to see those two sing a merry olde duet. “When a man is talking do not interrupt!” he snarls at a pretty, young interviewer. If a man was talking, that is.


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