Randy Quaid – From Fame to Fraud

celeb:  Randy Quaid
occupation: Film Actor and Fat Criminal



Do not adjust your television set. That really is Randy Quaid He’s worse than washed up. He’s given up and not just on his appearance. Randy is big box office draw and has worked in films until as recently as 2009. Randy has appeared in over 90 movies. No, really. That guy right there. He has also made a number of television appearances, including ongoing roles in mini-series, and was nominated for Golden Globe, Academy and Emmy Awards. Cool. 
video: Bill Hayes Interview Midnight Express
video: Not Another Teen Movie Part 4

His first major movie role was in 1973, The Last Detail and was well received by critics. In 1973 he co-starred with child actress Tatum O’Neal in the very successful Paper Moon. I remember parts of that flick. It was cute. One of his most successful films was a supporting role he had in Midnight Express. In 1971 Randy played Lennie, the mentally disabled man in  John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men. Other notable performances were in  National Lampoon’s Vacation, Frankenstein and Get on the Bus. One of Randy’s most successful films, Independence Day, was the top grossing film of 1996. In 2000 he loaned his voice to the animated film Rocky and Bullwinkle which, not surprisingly, was a box office bomb. His streak of bad luck continued with Not Another Teen Movie, The Ice Harvest and another animation Home on the Range, all of which bombed in theatres and received negative critical reviews. Ouch.
video: Paper Moon Clip
video: The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
video: The Ice Harvest trailer

In 2005 Randy’s luck appeared to turn around when he starred as the insensitive rancher in Brokeback Mountain quoting the famous line “stemming the rose.” Some of his 2000s movies have gone straight to DVD. Ouch. A mini-series Category 7: the end of the world was the longest running mini series in 2005. The 2006 film Goya’s Ghosts sucked as did the 2009 film The Tennis Coach.
video: Category 7 – the end of the world trailer
video: Brokeback Mountain trailer
video:  Goya’s Ghosts

That’s where it gets tawdry.

Who knows if Randy’s career has taken a nosedive or not? His life seems to be his priority just now, facing criminal charges for felony residential burglary (he and his wife Evi Quaid, were squatters), entering a non-commercial building without consent, conspiracy and fraud. Tsk, tsk. Imagine squatting in your own previous residence? They’re homeless. Seriously. How many films has this guy made and he’s broke? On October 22, 2010, Randy and Evi Quaid sought protection under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, after being arrested at the border in Vancouver B.C. They applied for refugee status on the grounds that they are afraid of “Hollywood star whackers“. Sounds more like those two are whacked on crack. Evi Quaid is a prima facie Canadian citizen, whatever that is, so they get to stay here without posting bond. Wow aren’t we lucky to have these two? Hollywood loves Vancouver and is always filming sitcoms and movies there. Randy might make a comeback while on the lam. That will be a first. Doubtless there will be a made for TV movie about this dude. His life is just warped.
video: Randy Quaid speaks to Vancouver Media – Hollywood Star Whackers
video: Randy Quaid stuck in elevator with nosy Canadians
video: Actor Randy Quaid and wife behind bars
video: Randy Quaid’s Wife makes statement against local law enforcement

Refugee status
He might come back to L.A. … who knows
Comeback Grade: S for Squatters Rights
Randy’s Facebook Fans: 2,251  everyone likes a has-been

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8 Responses to Randy Quaid – From Fame to Fraud

  1. Maria Hobbes says:

    At least get the right “before” photo. You have a photo of his much better-looking brother Dennis up there. Randy is NO Dennis and never has been much to look at.

  2. Cindy says:

    Good article and amusing! That would be hilarious if he really does make a career comeback while “on the lam” I also had a good laugh over his celebrity whackers theory!

    Having said all that, it’s sad that he ended up homeless after all the films he’s made through the years! I hope he gets his act together!

  3. Cooper says:

    …replying to my own post. 😛
    My apologies to the writer: I did some research, and was shocked to see what has happened to this guy’s life. I think it’s a mental issue (I couldn’t find any drug/alcohol abuse), but regardless, there are problems. So, if I could delete my post, I would. Sorry.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      thank you for the apology. I would suggest you calm down some when you reply to people’s posts. However, I won’t trash it. It’s not bothering me or I wouldn’t write this stuff.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is sad that life has taken a downward turn for him but it is possible to make comeback. He is a good actor.

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