Eva Gabor – Socialite and Half of Zsa Zsa

celeb:  Eva Gabor
occupation: TV Actress, most notably Green Acres







Wow. For a 76 year old broad Eve Gabor was still hot (or she was in 1995 before her death). Eva was a socialite before she was an actress. She was already rich as blazes but she wanted to work. Who knows why? Maybe she got bored. Maybe she wanted to work and avoid her socialite days without being pestered by the elite. Anyhoo. video: Eva Gabor in pipe tobacco commercial

She began acting in 1941 in a bit part in some obscure movie called Forced Landing. She actually had talent and she took to the stage and film throughout the 50’s. She landed quite a few roles, including The Wife of Monte Cristo, The Mad Magician, The Truth About Women, and Gigi. Some of her TV appearnces included What’s My Line (a rather dull game show), Wake Me When the War is Over and Match Game (another utterly dull game show). Green Acres and The Return of Green Acres were the series that Eva was best known for, in her role as Lisa Douglas. video: Green Acres Part One
video: what’s my line
video: what’s my line zsa zsa gabor

Her last acting role in film was a voice over for the animated The Rescuers Down Under.  Her last acting role in television was in 1993 in The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies. That’s when Eva’s career took a serious nosedive and she disappeared from film, stage and television. video: sexy Lisa Douglas Shower Scene
video: match game eva gabor

Who knows why?  Maybe she got bored? Maybe she wanted to relax and enjoy her socialite days without being pestered by the working class. Anyhoo.

That’s where it gets tawdry.

She did partake in a 1991 documentary about her sister Zsa Zsa entitled The People vs Zsa Zsa Gabor a biographical movie about Zsa Zsa’s one encounter with the law. The film centered around Zsa Zsa’s arrest for slapping a police officer (Paul Kramer) in the face when he stopped her for a traffic violation. Zsa Zsa was shocked when the public reacted poorly to her behaviour stating she “expected an outpouring of love“. Um, okay. Even socialites aren’t immune from their wicked ways. Later she poked fun at the incident in various cameo appearances.

Eva’s Facebook Fans:  484 …Well someone remembers her

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6 Responses to Eva Gabor – Socialite and Half of Zsa Zsa

  1. christopher endemann says:

    i saw you once in a restaurant you smiled at me and made me feel as if you really saw me or knew me…….i treasure that moment in time from someone so beautiful and genuine…….thank you for my moment…christopher

  2. Chromeheart says:

    Eva was also Merv Griffin’s beard. Eva is buried in the same cemetery as Marilyn Monroe. Eva has a very simple headstone. And God knows, she was wonderful on “Green Acres.” “Nuu York is where I wanna stay!”

  3. V.E.G. says:

    There is the worst case than Zsa Zsa Gabor: Sergey Babarin. Babarin was a crazy man and fired at cops and the cops shot him to death.

  4. V.E.G. says:

    There is the another worst case than Zsa Zsa Gabor: Monroe Isadore. Isadore was a crazy old man and fired at cops out of anger and he had Alzheimer’s like dementia and the cops shot him to death. He was 107.

  5. V.E.G. says:

    The man who shot Monroe Isadore is partly Mexican origin, Brad Vilches.

  6. The pictures in the article where it’s listed as “Then” and “1995”… well the photo 1995 is Zsa Zsa Gabor, not Eva Gabor…

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