Carolyn Jones – Morticia Mania

celeb: Carolyn Jones
occupation: TV and film actress, most notably Morticia on The Addams Family


At 22





In her 50`s.

Talk about a gorgeous goth chick although Carolyn Jones, who will always be Morticia to me, clearly didn`t age well. Carolyn made her first film in 1952. She married Aaron Spelling in 1953 which of course helped her secure more roles. Atta girl, Carolyn. She actually was a bit creepy before the Addams Family.
view: The Addams Family 1964
video: Carolyn Jones 60s Interview

She starred with Vincent Price in the 1953 film House of Wax, and was molded into a Joan of Arc sculpture. She made guest appearances on a variety of 1950s sitcoms including City Detective, State Trooper, and an episode in the series Alfred Hitchcock Presents (told you she was creepy). In 1956 our Creepy Carolyn starred in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers (I`m sure her male fans would love to have invaded her bod).
video: The Opposite Sex begins at 2:10

She appeared in a variety of films until 1964 when she was offered the role of Morticia Addams. She divorced Aaron Spelling but by then her career was on the upswing so I suppose he had fulfilled his purpose. Although Carolyn is best remembered as Morticia,  The Addams Family only ran for two seasons, 1964 – 1966.
video: Addams Family in the chair

That`s where it gets tawdry.
Just kidding.

When the show ended Carolyn starred in the films Colour Me Dead (I`m dead serious) and Heaven with a Gun (serious again). That`s when Carolyn`s career took a serious nosedive. She didn`t grace the screen again until 1977 in the blockbuster hit Roots. In the same year Carolyn starred in … wait for it … Eaten Alive. Typecasting much? Her last film, Good Luck Miss Wyckoff was in 1979 and Carolyn simply vanished from film and tv. Good luck Ms. Jones.
video: color me dead (a much older Carolyn)

view: Biography – Carolyn Jones Morticia and More
video: Carolyn Jones on 1982 Game Show
video: Carolyn Jones in a 1970s movie

Comeback Grade: G for Goodbye Goth Girl
Carolyn`s Facebooks Fans:  427  Should have stuck with her Morticia role

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9 Responses to Carolyn Jones – Morticia Mania

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  2. busterg says:

    you’re stupid. hope you age badly you immature ahole

  3. bogart107 says:

    Here is what you don’t know…Carolyn Jones did not use Aaron Spelling to get ahead in show business. She was already a star when he was still a nobody. She used to shop scripts for him when he was down and out. He didn’t make his bones until years later when her star began to fade.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow — your nasty.

  5. Dr. Kevin Moor says:

    I always thought Caroline Jones was the most poised, costumed and rehearsed actress ever to get in front of a camera. She was certainly one of the most beautiful. I seem to disagree with some contributors
    I thought that her portrayel of Morticia Addams was groundbreaking for U.S. TV programmes.
    She was a mother, a wife and a very sexy woman.
    I guess Lurches room included a 9 foot high, very cold shower.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Whomever wrote this is an idiot. Aaron Spelling was nothing when her and Carolyn were married.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You’re callous, ill-informed, and probably drunk when you spit out these half-assed posts.
    Seriously, grow up and do something with your life.

  8. thebidbod says:

    In the picture in her 50s she was suffering from colon cancer . She died from it at age 53. As others have said, your “profile” is I’ll informed and nasty.

  9. Scott Vega says:

    She’s gorgeous, aged well and died of cancer. You twit.

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