Phoebe Cates – Brooke Shields Wannabe

celeb: Phoebe Cates
occupation: Film Actress, most notably Fast Times at Ridgemont High






Woah. fat much?  Phoebe Cates kept her youth but not her beauty.  It must be all that emotional eating from stressing over acting roles. Phoebe was a well-known 80s actress but not one of the dreaded Back Pack (too much competition for Demi Moore). Phoebe tried her hand at modelling before getting into film, but her career was short-lived.  Instead in 1982, at 17,  she accepted the starring role in Paradise. She did several nude scenes in the movie, which mirrored the plot of  The Blue Lagoon, a successful Brooke Shields film. (See my blog Brooke Shields – Pretty Old, Baby). Phoebe regretted being in the movie, most likely due to the extensive full nudity and scathing critical reviews, and said, “what I learned was never to do a movie like that again.” (Ouch). Her co-star Willie Aames, stated, “she will have nothing to do with the film. She’s really upset about it. She won’t do any promotion with me.”
Video: Phoebe Cates in Paradise.
Video: Phoebe in Shag.

Phoebe’s subsequent film, Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) as Linda Barrett, was a major hit. Phoebe Cates’ bikini scene is one of the most memorable in 1980s films. The following year, she had a supporting role in the silly sex comedy Private School. This time however Phoebe played the “nice girl.” Finally a role where Phoebe didn’t flash her boobs. Her later roles were much more modest and oriented toward younger audiences, such as two Gremlins films, the first in 1984 being a box office hit. She appeared in several 80’s movies, although they didn’t garner her the success of Ridgement High or Gremlins. In 1984 she appeared with Michael J. Fox and Keifer Sutherland in Bright Lights, Big City. Phoebe radically changed her appearance for her role, cutting her long, black hair into a more sophisticated crop. The film was a mediocre success. She left the 80’s with two more utterly banal films under her belt: Shag and Heart of Dixie. Truly her career should have taken a nosedive here but somehow it didn’t.
video: Phoebe in Gremlins.
video:  Trailer: Bright Lights, Big City

Her face made the covers of teen magazines such as Seventeen, Tiger Beat, Teen Beat and many others. In 1984, she starred in the TV mini-series Lace.  She sought the role of Lili “to get away from a sameness in her movie portrayals.” What she reallhy meant was to make it seem like she could act when she couldn’t. I mean, look at those videos. During her audition, the writer wanted to hire her on the spot. Perhaps she did a bikini scene for him. The 90s brought about several ho-hum flicks including Drop Dead Fred, Bodies, Rest & Motion, and Princess Caraboo, an absolutely stupid box office bomb. (Ouch).The only halfway funny film she appeared briefly in was I Love You to Death, which starred her husband Kevin Kline, whom she married in 1989. Seriously.  Kevin Kline. Can you believe that? The guy’s old enough to be her grandfather. video: Drop Dead Fred Part 1

Now Phoebe would have us believe that after she and Kevin had two children she semi-retired from acting to raise her family. Sounds lovely, but the truth is she sucked. Phoebe snagged roles because she was cute and she was willing to take her clothes off. The girl couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. After she acted in Princess Caraboo her career took a series nosedive. Well, no shit. Didn’t see that one coming. Phoebe didn’t reappear in movies until 2001 in The Anniversary Party a critical but not a box office success. The director was her best friend Jennifer Jason Leigh, whom she co-starred with in Ridgemont High.
video: Princess Caraboo Part 1
video: Phoebe on Late Night with Dave Letterman
video: Phoebe and Kevin in I Love You to Death
video: Trailer: I Love You to Death

None … its been 10 years since her last film
Comeback Grade:  B as in Bikini days are over, Phoebe

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46 Responses to Phoebe Cates – Brooke Shields Wannabe

  1. Chris says:

    It’s pretty sad that you had to bash Phoebe Cates like you did. I thought she was an excellent actress and enjoyed her films. I especially liked “Lace”. I’m still a fan, Phoebe.

    • michael says:

      yes. she is not a brooke shierls wanna be . She is a girl, a hot girl, very cute and individual. What made the article writer come up with brooke shields ? weird. phoebe cates is Very Unique. Great roles and so many roles ! its amazing ! loved the movie paradise. Its on you tube. pretty cool movie, a little campy and original subject matter, it is paradise 🙂 what a great actress ! OMG such a hot girl / woman, un believable….. !!! she can lose weight today easily, if she wants to. I think she looks pretty hot

  2. Jack says:

    Wow. He scribe, some of us don’t do as well in life as you do. Phoebe was & still is a looker, combining sexiness & approachable friendliness. She seems quite happy with her own successful NY shop, husband & family. Since nothing is guaranteed, that’s not too shabby. Way to go, Phoebe !

    • Michael Knight says:

      You are an “ASS”… How can you sit there and chastise a beautiful woman like Phoebe Cates. You should sit back and take a good look at yourself and pray to the gods you look half as good at her age as she does. As for her acting and possible come back, There are thousands of people who would embrace her if she wanted to come back to acting. Not only was she every boy of the 80s fantasy, she was a good actress also.

      • James Brookes says:

        I agree my friend I would love to see her act again, as you say she was a great actress, as for her looks she was and still is very beautiful.
        To you Phoebe if you read this page, don’t let the fool who had a go at you on this page upset you, you are a wonderful kind beautiful lady, and all your fans still love you sweet heart.

      • michael says:

        shes the hottest.

  3. James says:

    How can you even try to compare Brooke Shields to Phoebe Cates? Phoebe could sneeze something that looks better than Brooke Shields. BTW, Phoebe didn’t write Paradise she got paid to play a role. You sir should have been swallowed!

  4. Jon Crowley says:

    I think you mean Brat Pack, not Back Back. Dickwad.

  5. Stan says:

    You must be gay, drunk, blind or all of the above.
    Phoebe is the most beautiful woman which ever grace the silver screen.
    Her majestic beauty goes far beyond sexuality; it is such stunning that you just want to stop your life and hope that it will never end. Thanks God for giving us such beauty to live among us. Today some twenty nine years later she still looks better than most women half her age. Just look at her perfect face, perfect figure and those heavenly eyes, nothing before and after even comes close. If you are in New York visit her boutique called Blue Tree at 1283 Madison Ave and if you lucky you may see her there from time to time and you will understand.

  6. Gaby214 says:

    I agree with everyone who commented here. You are a gossip magazine wannabe. When you don’t survive hollywood it doesn’t mean it is your fault. She is very beautiful and she is still flawless. She is way better than brooke shields who is more musculine. Stan is right, you should visit her boutique and maybe give her some flowers (if you are a man) for bashing her and for not knowing any better. She is very successful. If you are a female, then no wonder. You are just insecure. Oh and did you say “Ouch” several times after you bashed her well maybe it hurts since you are a wannabe. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • michael says:

      well we have this article becauae the Writer wrote this . So a “thank you” goee to the writer of the Main Article. yes we like phoebe cates, and we dont just want to marry her, we want her locked away, so no one else can get to he, just for your self. This woman is a looker , very nice actress

  7. Anonymous says:

    Phoebe will always be the best in my book.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m blessed to have a girl as beautiful as her. I couldn’t be happier!

  9. Anonymous says:

    it’s not phoebe cates’ fault you were a loser in high school back in the 80’s

    • Noblelox says:

      This douche wasn’t at school in the 80’s, I bet they are at school now, or dropped out. Only a spotty kid would compare a 50 year old to their teenage self and rip them for getting a bit old.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why do you have to be a hater?

  11. Noblelox says:

    Well Teacher, lets see how good you look when you hit middle age and have had a couple of kids. it must be great to be a perfect as you, oh wait, you’re a douche, so you’re not perfect, it must suck to be you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This person is definitely either an angry gay or an angry fat loser who probably still lives with his mommy

  13. Fuck You Teacher says:

    Pheobe your awesome and still hot as hell. This “blogger” is a LOSER!

  14. Irving Drinkwine says:

    Thank God for Pheobe Cates. She certainly helped ease the stress of my teen years.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Phoebe in Paradise, Fast times and Private School….may all my dreams be of Phoebe tonight! Blogger what you don’t understand is that we feel for Phoebe like you do for Clay Aiken.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Still beautiful

  17. Anonymous says:

    How could anyone bash Phoebe in such a horble way she it the most beautiful woman in the world

  18. John says:

    like comment from Bill give me the AK 47 and I will soot the basterd!
    we all love you Phoebe.

  19. Jim Brookes says:

    Right on she was and sill is a beautiful beautiful lady

  20. James Brookes says:

    Spot on Phoebe is great

  21. Michael says:

    I don’t understand why Phoebe doesn’t like the “Paradise”. In fact, I think it is better than the Blue Lagoon at that moment. It is the film to attract the eyes of many teenagers as me; so it led to the success of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” later. I am sure, without “Paradise”, it wouldn’t be have “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.

    • James Brookes says:

      I like Paradise as well my friend good film, but Phoebe is greet in anythig she does, and even to this day she is still a verylovely beaytiful woman.

      • James Brookes says:

        I will try again this time with out typing mistakes, I like Paradise as well my friend good film, but Phoebe is greet in anythig she does, and even to this day she is still a very lovely beautiful woman.

  22. Jani says:

    All you people are pathetic morons! Phoebe Cates was cute at best and that was back in the day, she looks plain and pudgy now! Compare her to Diane Lane, Jennifer Tilly, Mary Louise Parker, Kelly Preston etc., who are her age or close and they all look a thousand times better! Face the fact, she didn’t age well and get over it! As far as her acting skills, they were very limited. If you think flashing your breasts constitutes great acting, go back to your free internet porn searches! And to say someone is gay because they do not think she’s all that is very narrow minded. Gay men know a beautiful woman when they see one just like any straight. Go crawl back in your holes!

  23. John Brook says:

    You are the pathetic moron Jani because you have to go for her flashing your breasts, because that is the only way you can try to score points, you don’t talk about the great acting she did in Drop Dead Fred, Gremlins 1 & 2 Bodies Rest and Motion, Princess Caraboo, good acting and no Flashing breasts. Jennifer Tilly, Mary Louise Parker, Kelly Preston, all nice looking womwn, but nothing, as beautiful as Phoebe. as for Phoebe showing her breasts, if you have a beautiful body why not show it and that is what she did. it is your pathetic Jealousy talking Jani, because you wish you where as beautiful as Phoebe, You are as sad and pathetic as the man did this story, he was out to do a hatchet job like you, he did not even pic a picture of her today showing her true beauty, he picked one where she did not look her best, and we all take a bad picture some time, no mater how beautiful we are, I could show any one pictures of Phoebe today. And she is still very beautiful, As for Porn acting. Phoebe did some good acting clothes on or off. Yes I am a fan of Phoebe and I don’t need a porn site, because that in not how I see Phoebe, She is a beautiful woman if she has har clothes on, and she is a beautiful woman with a beautiful body if she as her clothes off! The number of People suporting Phoebe on this page, is what you can’t stand, Phoebe dislikers in a small number. Now you go crawl back in your holes! And sod off!

  24. Robert says:

    “Paradise” may not be a very good movie, and yet, it went down in history because it featured Phoebe and her majestic beauty. Watching this movie, I fell in love with her forever!

    • Jim Brookes says:

      What Phoebe fan could not fall in love with Phoebe watching her, it is impossible not too, as for Paradise, I think it was a good move, and I liked most of her movies, they where something diferent to other movies.

  25. Jim Brookes says:

    Phoebe Belle Cates is great actress, and singer, and a very beautiful lady and Mr Kevin Kline as stayed with her all these years, he knows she is a real beauty.
    I would change places with him any day, you are a very beautiful lady Phoebe, I will adore you forever!

  26. Anonymous says:

    pheobe was my teenage fantasy. Not so much now. She didnt age well 😦

  27. Anonymous says:

    Dude, Phoebe Cates is great. Why would anyone rip on Phoebe Cates? She still looks ho

  28. Isabelle D. says:

    Here is a GIRL – 80’s wanna-be – response : —» heuuuuuu you folks forgot something very important about OUR loved Phoebe —» SHE HAD 3 PREGNANCIES !!!!!! that is so normal that a woman gets her body changed, but now at 50 —» She is STILL very beautiful !!
    BRAVOOO! Phoebe for ALL of your projects, I am still ONE OF YOUR BIG FAN !!
    Love and Beauty, Isabelle D. from Québec XXX

  29. marilyn4ever says:

    I guess I’ll throw it at you.

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