Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Reminds Us of U

celeb: Sinead O’Connor
occupation:  Singer







OMG.  That’s Sinead O’ConnorApparently success doesn’t agree with her. Sinead however is a very talented woman who has been utterly washed up since the 1990s. She continued working in music 1990 but never again savoured the sweet success of I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sinead didn’t have a fair start in life. Her parents divorced when she was eight and her mother regularly abused her.  That sucks. Her hatred of the Catholic Church originated during this period in her life. To see Sinead O’Connor ripping Pope picture click here. I believe that was a message to Mommy Dearest. Ouch. Sinead later penned “Fire on Babylon“, a song about Sinead’s abuse. Ouch again. To watch Fire on Babylon click here.  Oddly a few years later Sinead was devasated when her mother was killed in a car accident. People are a puzzle. By 2007 Sinead revealed in an interview with Oprah that she was bipolar and blamed it on Mommy Dearest. To see Sinead’s Oprah interview click here.

Sinead went to live with her father but she shoplifted and skipped school so Daddy sent her to the Magdalene AsylumDifficult students were sent to sleep in the adjoining nursing home and you just know Sinead was one of those difficult (wink) types. Sinead stated, “I have never — and probably will never — experience such panic and terror and agony over anything.” What? Growing old? I hear ya. At the age of 20, Sinead released The Lion and the Cobra. She recorded the album while pregnant with her first child. Start em’ young I say. The lovely cover photograph on the left was never released in North America. Instead producers released a picture of her kissing the Pope’s ring. Just kidding. Mandinka was a mainstream pop hit in the UK, peaking at #17 in the singles chart. To see the Mandinka video click here. To see Sinead kissing the Pope’s ring click here.

Psych! Aren’t you paying attention, Damien? Sheesh.

The famous I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got debuted in 1990. It went 7 times platinum with 7 million sales worldswide and featured Nothing Compares 2U, a song Prince penned for her. No wonder it was so good. Her second album Am I Not Your Girl sucked with fans. Ouch. Personally I liked it. This was when Sinead’s career took a serious nosedive. Sinéad was a pop artist and Girl featured jazz cover songs. It also had an introduction where she whined about sexual abuse and emotional abuse. Worldwide sales at 1,500,000 were respectable. I mean how many albums have you sold? To see Sinead O’Connor on Abuse in the Catholic Church click here
To see Nothing Compares 2 U click here
To listen to Sinead O’Connor’s Am I Not Your Girl? click here

 In 1994, Sinead released her 4th album Universal Mother, grossing worldwide sales of 1,500,000. She was still in the running but UM and did not restore her mass appeal. However our girl Sinead never fails to shock. In 1990, she refused to not perform if the American national anthem was played before her concert. They played it anyway but Sinead got the last laugh. After receiving four Grammy Award nominations she withdrew her name. Her 5th album, Faith and Courage was released in 2000 and coincided with Sinead’s public announcement that she was a lesbian. Good PR move, Sinead.  In 2005 Sinead declared she is “three-quarters heterosexual, a quarter gay. I lean a bit more towards the hairy blokes.” Which hairy blokes? The dykes?

That’s where it gets tawdry.
Most of her life has been tawdry: the abuse, the troubles with school, the Pope’s pic. I don’t think it gets any more tawdry than that.

Comeback Grade: V for Vigilante  
sinead’s facebook fans  33,471  luck o’ the Irish

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