Anna Nicole Smith – Marilyn Monroe Wannabe

Celeb: Anna Nicole Smith
Occupation: No one knew





Anne Nicole Smith aka Vicki Logan, was born and died a wash up. When she was 14, Vicki was sent to live with her aunt and attended a Mexican high school. Bit of a dysfunctional family there I must say. In 1984 Anna dropped out of high schoolpark (swift) and in 1985 she married her first husband at 17 (sheesh). I feel like I’m writing the sequel to Trailer Park Boys. A year later Anna gave birth to Daniel Wayne Smith. Anna left her husband in 1988 and divorced him in 1993. That same year Anna was the cover girl for the March Playboy. In her interview she stated she wanted “to be the next Marilyn Monroe.” Anna’s career was already in a nosedive. When Guess selected her for their ad campaigns, they made up Anna to resemble 1950s pinup girl Jayne Mansfield, herself a Marilyn wannabe in life. Ouch. To see Anna Nicole Smith Guess Commercial click here.
To see a truly creepy Anna Nicole Smith on Entertainment Tonight click here.  Explains a lot about Mommy Dearest.

Anna was heavier and larger than the average Playmate (do average and Playmate belong in the same sentence?) but she was the 1993 Playmate of the Year. Fittingly she appeared in the New York Magazine photo shoot White Trash Nation. Ouch. You can take the girl out of the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out of the girl I guess. In 1991 the always classy Anna took a job stripping at Pleasures strip bar in Houston. It was there that Anna met her second and last husband, the elderly oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. A match made in heaven. On June 27, 1994, Anna married her billionaire. Thirteen months later, Howard died. Anna thought she would inherit his estate but the joke was on her: Howard left her out of his will. A family feud erupted over Howard’s will that lasted a decade. Poor Anna. If only she’d married Howard on condition that he write her into his will before they married. Ouch. To see Anna introduced as Playmate of the Year on Arsenio Hall click here. Irony to be sure. See my blog Arsenio Hall Actor and Talk Show Host.   To see Anna Drunk and Obese at Oscar Night Parties click here.

Anna’s first appearance was in a quality film, The Hudsucker Proxy. I know. She also starred in a flick that was nearly tailor made for her: Naked Gun 33: The Final Insult with Leslie Neilson. In 1995 Anna and her triple F’s starred in a B-list movie called To the Limit. It flopped (stop grinning, you, I was talking about the film). Her next film was in 1996, Skyscraper. It sucked. Anna’s fight for her husband’s inheritance, her terrible films and her obesity were fair game on late night talk shows. Ouch. In a rare display of common sense, Anna avoided feature films for 6 years and stuck to appearances in popular tv sitcoms including Ally McBeal, Veronica’s Closet (ironically hosted by another large actress…see my blog Kirstie Alley –    ) and Spin CityTo see Anna Nicole Smith hopped up on The View click here.
To see Mad TV spoof Anna’s reality show click here.
To see Anna in Skyscraper click here. Yep. That’s why it flopped.

She starred in her own reality show (egad) The Anna Nicole Show for 2 seasonsIt centered around Anna’s obesity and her lack of regular modeling or acting work. What a fun show. You couldn’t keep Anna down for long. TrimSpa hired her to promote their “miracle” pill, a diet aid that supposedly helped people to lose weight. Anna claimed she lost 69 lbs with the program. Um, okay. No help with a trainer, a nutritionist and a liposuction of course. To see Special Agent Anna Nicole Smith in To the Limit click here. To see Anna Nicole Smith in a TrimSpa commercial click here.

That’s where it gets even more tawdry.
It was around this time that Anna crossed the line from wanting to be Marilyn Monroe to believing she really was the late actress.

 Anna appeared onstage at the 2004 American Music Awards  acting weird, hopped up on god knows what, and spoofed her sponsor Trimspa, “like my body?” Anna mimicked Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend number when she posed for PETA‘s ad campaign with the slogan “Gentlemen prefer fur-free blondes” (stop that, you). To see Anna Nicole Smith Saying Like my Body? click here.  To see Anna high while representing TrimSpa click here.

In September 2006 her son Daniel Smith (remember him?) died from a drug overdose. Wonder where he got that example? Anna was reportedly devastated over Daniel’s death as they had a close relationship.Two years later on her 39th birthday, 3 years older than Marilyn, Anna died of a drug overdose. Anna was so obsessed with MM she was even determined to overdose in her 30s.  Mission accomplished.

To see coverage of Anna’s death click here.

To see Biography: The Life of Anna Nicole Smith click here.
Anna’s Facebook Fans:   134 – guess the suicide was worth it


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6 Responses to Anna Nicole Smith – Marilyn Monroe Wannabe


    You are fucking stupid. Half the shit you have on here isn’t accurate. No she is not a picture perfect individual, but from what i’m reading your not either. Everybody has flaws but to put one persons on blast makes you shittier than what you are claiming one individual is. No one person can judge another. NOT EVEN GOD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Information is incorrect. Seems as if someone is a bit jealous. Not that you are, but you are definitely giving that impression. Especially if your hobby is “lifestyles of the rich and pathetic”. Guess you couldn’t achieve that?

  3. Ruby says:

    I love marilyn monroe…i really dont think anyone will ever live up to her;(

  4. nikki says:

    Whoever wrote this is a real ass. Both Anna & Monroe were both troubled women but to smear someone after they’re dead makes you a piece of shit. You don’t even have the facts down. YOU SUCK!

  5. Chromeheart says:

    Yeah, there was some inaccurate info here. But, hey…she introduced Bobby Trendy to the world.

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