Melissa Gilbert – Actress/Director and Utterly Forgettable

Celeb:  Melissa Gilbert
Occupation:  Actress/Director




Still recognizable at least.  Well until Melissa Gilbert got cosmetic surgery but you were expecting that by now. Melissa’s career spans decades but in a wishy washy kind of way. She began television acting in 1973 in the pilot for Little House on the Prairie. One year later Melissa appeared regularly as Laura Ingalls for a decade until the show was finally cancelled. Impressive, Mel. She starred in a 1983 television flick Choices of the Heart based on a biography of a woman killed in El Savador’s Civil War. Melissa became known as The Queen of TV Sitcoms and Mini-Series because of her appearance in approximately 95 of them. Some of these were pretty cool but most people can’t remember even one of them. Ouch. To see Melissa in Switched at Birth click here. To see Melissa in Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story click here.

Some of her projects included The Diary of Anne Frank, a few pitiful Little House remakes, Family Secrets, Without Her Consent, also a fact based movie about a woman who is date raped by an acquaintance, Family of Strangers, Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story, also a fact based story about a woman who is a victim of incest, Cries From the Heart, Switched at Birth (an irony considering Melissa is adopted), Zaya,  Against Her Will: The Carrie Buck Story, and several others. To see Melissa in The Carrie Buck Story click here. To see Melissa in Zaya click here.

Melissa’s performance was given strong praise by critics although she hasn’t won any Emmy’s or Golden Globes. She was inducted into the Western Performer’s Hall of Fame in Oklahoma. For her contribution to the television industry, Gilbert has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is one of the youngest actresses to have been honored with a star. That’s when Melissa’s career took a nosedive. To see A Prairie Tale: Melissa Gilbert click here. To see Melissa Gilbert for Noxema click here.

Currently Melissa is on a tour playing (what else) Ma Ingalls in a musical adaptation of Little House on the Prairie. I always say, when an actor isn’t getting film or tv roles, the stage is usually their last resort. And Ma Ingalls instead of Laura? Couldn’t have felt too good to be cast in a role a generation older than her original character. She’s looking pretty crappy too: she’s gained a considerable amount of weight and although she has had cosmetic work done it must have worn off or something. To see Melissa in Little House on the Prairie  – Laura and Nellie click here. The irony of this scene is that Melissa and Allison Arngrim (Nellie) are actually good friends.

There will be none as long as she stays in that dreadful musical.
Let me know when it happens.
Comeback Grade:  B for Back to where her career 25 years ago.
Melissa’s Facebook Fans:  3,449 – washed up 

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