Lynda Carter – Wonder Woman Wash Up

Celeb:  Lynda Carter
Occupation:  TV Actress and Singer





I know. Wonder Woman on Geritol. Hard to believe that’s Lynda Carter. She’s had a lot of work done since then. And she used to work a lot…but now she’s on the Washed Up Celeb list. In 1972 she became Miss World USA and reached the finalists in Miss World 1972. Wow. After her stint on the beauty pageant circuit she made her first TV appearance in Starsky and Hutch. Other TV shows and series including The Muppet Show, Partners in Crime, Hawkeye and Wonder Woman. The short-lived Wonder Woman was the series that truly launched her career. Just as she was preparing to return home from Los Angeles she was informed she had won the part. WW lasted 3 seasons. After the show ended Lynda commented “I never meant to be a sexual object for anyone but my husband. I never thought a picture of my body would be tacked up in men’s bathrooms.” Oh give me a break. Who did she think tuned in every week? On the Late Show with Joan Rivers Lynda whined that WW’s producers used her likeness to market a series of WW dolls. By the second year of sales they removed her likeness and didn’t have to pay her royalties. Ouch. Now we’re at the heart of the matter. To see Lynda in Wonder Woman click here. **Warning: Painful to Watch** To see Lynda Carter Talks Wonder Woman click here.
To see Intimate Portrait: Lynda Carter click here.

She played a number of B-list movie roles including Nakia in Bobby Jo and the Outlaw, Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess, Born to be Sold, Hotline, Stillwatch, A Matter of Wife and Death, Posing: I Posed for Playboy, and She Woke Up Pregnant. Playboy was a good flick. Lynda was crap in it. As far as film went, Lynda’s career took a nosedive. After Bobby Jo she never made another flick but she kept working in TV throughout the 1990s up to 2007. Her TV appearances included Someone to Love Me, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU and Smallville. Lynda is still a washup. She will always be Wonder Woman. Most people have no inkling that she has made another other TV appearances since the 1987. Not cool. To see Lynda in Bobby Jo and the Outlaw click here. To see Lynda in Partners in Crime click here.
To see Lynda in I Posed for Playboy click here.

That’s where it gets tawdry.
Just kidding.

Comeback Grade: W for Washed up Wonder Woman

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22 Responses to Lynda Carter – Wonder Woman Wash Up

  1. Anthony Glasser says:

    maybe Linda didn’t want to come back.. she is an Awesome lady, Met her when she was on the tonight show with Joan Rivers.
    She is doing just what she wants to be doing…so don’t judge.

  2. says:

    whoever fucking wrote this about our LYNDA I hope you die you fucking hater…you must have been beaten up by girls when you were a little bitch boy

  3. says:


    • Victor Mao says:

      You claim to be her fun just as my mother, and that is good and “gravy”, but did not you learn from Lynda Carter to have at least a little of class? I know my mother did, for she has never expressed herself in such a dirty and scandalous way. Nor does she criticize people. People with true class are well spoken and polite at all times and places and with everyone regardless of race, social class, sexual orientation, creed, occupation or profession, etc.

  4. gord says:

    Boy ur off the track if wonderwoman was painful to watch why was it a hit for at least three seasons and shy was Lynda the highest paid actresses on tv only a noble woman would take yrs off to raise a family over being a star no one will ever forget her she is still the most beautiful woman on the planet you better buy a mirror and have a good look at yourself

  5. Jarndold says:

    What are you ….some kind of an idiot?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think all the comments here pretty much sum it up! You’re an idiot!

  7. Anonymous says:

    i’d love to look like lynda carter when i reach her age…shes no washed-up actess, she is very accomplished…she did what she set out to do…thats more than most people can say about themselves…why showcase her so beautifully in pictures on your page, then talk trash on her? sounds like you’re just bitter…lets see how well you age

  8. Anonymous says:

    I had a huge crush on Lynda Carter as a kid growing up in the 70’s. In my opinion she is easily one of the 10 most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. To label her pathetic and then trash her in a public forum like this, without obviousely ever having met the woman yourself shows what a weasel you are (whoever put this together). Atleast she has a life, unlike you. If this kind of shit is your only “claim to fame” then you are the one that is truely pathetic

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lynda Carter…..washed up? I think not.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “I am 38; & she still gets me aroused!!!”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Linda Carter is a class act.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everything that was written in this article. I would also like to further it by adding that Lynda Carter is also a very mean person. Most people are blinded by the fact that she played a superhero on television because for them it was a part of their childhood, but Lynda Carter the person has been known to be extremely mean to fans throughout the years, as well as having a big attitude on set. It’s been well documented that the series for Wonder Woman was cancelled due to Lynda Carter’s drunkenness, being late on set (or not showing up at all), and her mean attitude towards people in general on the set. People quit the Wonder Woman series on account of Lynda Carter; including make-up artists and directors. It’s a well known fact that she hated working with Lyle Waggoner and would have tantrums and refused to work with him at all. This is why his role was diminished so much in later episodes. If Wonder Woman had continued on, Lyle Waggoner would have been gone by the 4th series on account of Lynda Carter and her attitude. Her big head was well known in Hollywood. Her attitude killed her own career and that’s why it went nowhere. Very sad. If people care to do enough online research, or if you were around in the 70s/80s like I was, this will be common knowledge to you already. What you see on television isn’t always get in real life.

    • Jake says:

      To the last person who left this negative comment towards Lynda, I say this? Do you know her? Did you know her? Did you work with her?? No? You didn’t? Then stfu! You are a Ventriloquist’s Dummy repeating stuff you know nothing about. I was a performer with celebrities for 15 years in Hollywood and people talk a lot of untrue s##t about celebrities. So, unless you were actually there to witness anything…you have NO idea ANY of this is true! And for the record, maybe she could have been a pain in the ass during WW? Maybe? Maybe not? Lots of people act stupid at one point in their life….even you Dumbass. But in the last 20-30 years it seems pretty evident in interviews that she is very smart, nice and classy. I did a TV show 10 years ago she was on and she was very kind and sweet.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Amen to that. I never did like her ergo, I blogged her down for a reason.

  14. marilyn4ever says:

    tsk tsk such irate self-righteous anger. You’re right I was terrible in gym class but I made up for it in languages, art, music, english, history (won an award), won a local beauty pageant, went on to the Miss Canada Pageant (didn’t win, I admit) and I most definitely am not a virgin…..too bad however….never met a man who was worth it except the one who gave me my beautiful daughter.

  15. jim says:

    Lynda, is freakin awesome, she is and always will be the most beautiful person in what ever room she enters, no matter who else is in the room now or back when. Great actress, breathtakingly beautiful, lifetime of accomplishments, and a star you never heard bad things about like some of the tramps so revered today. Why so hostile? You mad cause her sex tape hadn’t surfaced yet?

  16. marilyn4ever says:

    You know what’s funny? You keep saying this blog is crap but you keep reading it and commenting to it. Find something else to do!

  17. John says:

    Lynda is doing fine on the comeback trail and still looks fantastic. Better than she did a few years ago even. I agree with some of the stuff said but not all of it. I’ve met her several times at her shows and sometimes she’s been extraordinarily nice and approachable. Other times she’s been heart-crushingly rude, not just to me but to other fans and employees as well. She’s a person just like anyone else and has good and bad days. She will always be one of the most beautiful women who ever appeared on screen, though, and no one can take that away from her.

  18. Jake Frost says:

    Lynda might be having the last laugh.

    Regardless, she is an icon.

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