Linda Blair – Satanic Stereotype

Celeb:  Linda Blair
Occupation:  Actress, most notably as Regan in The Exorcist







Linda Blair will forevermore be typcast as the possessed Regan in The Exorcist and by the look of her pic on the left, deservedly so.  Dear lord!  Linda was adorable in the film. She was really cute before the makeup artist went to work. The Academy thought so: she was nominated for Best Leading Actress (lost) but she received a Golden Globe Award. That’s when Linda’s career took a nosedive.  Washed up at 13.  That’s even more humiliating than Joan Rivers. It was six years before Linda received another role, Regan, in the sequel to the first flick, Exorcist II: The Heretic.  I vaguely remember it.  It simply bombed at the box office. To see Making of the Exorcist click here.
To see The Exorcist Trailer click here.

As the 70s drew to a close however Linda starred in a number of films, most of which sucked: Roller Boogie, Wild Horse Hank (I don’t know), and Stranger in Our House, a creepy one of course. Linda longed to play roles that were the opposite of Regan but overall those movies were flops. The audience liked her demonic. To see Wild Horse Hank – Linda Blair click here.

Into the early 1980s however Linda redeemed herself somewhat: she played strong parts in challenging roles. One of her most powerful was of Carol Henderson, a teenager incarcerated in juvenile prison in the TV movie Chained Heat. Then she did a 180 and appeared in Terror in the Aisles, a one-hour TV documentary about horror movies and their actors. She continued to cop out by playing a role in a shoddy horror no one saw called La Casa 4. But her ultimate flop was Repossessed, (1990), a spoof on The Exorcist. It wasn’t funny.  It was painful. To see Linda Blair in Chained Heat click here. To see Linda in Terror in the Aisles click here.

Around this time Linda tried to vamp up her image by posing nude and in sheer dresses for several mens’ magazines. Her figure was stunning but her sexy image did nothing to remove the R from her forehead. Likely people looked at her pics and said “wow Regan has boobs!” To see Linda Blair: How to Make it in Hollywood click here.

In spite of her films’ failures Linda kept working throughout the 90s. Problem is, no one remembers any of those movies. In 1996 however she got a part in Scream, a highly successful film where Linda was lucky enough to co-star with Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell (see my blog Neve Campbell  ),  Rose McGowan, David Arquette and Courtney Cox. She must have been somebody’s mother or something. Currently she is working on Cousin Sara, a (what else) horror film due for a future release. And yes Linda Blair is the mother. To see Maxim Exclusive: The Exorcist Cast and Crew Reminisce

That’s where it gets tawdry.
Anyone whose first movie role was a possessed teenager was destined for substance abuse.

In the late 70s, Linda was charged with drug possession and conspiracy to sell drugs. She was found not guilty of possession, but guilty of conspiracy to sell. That got her three years probation. It was likely that her floundering career helped drive her into drug abuse. After The Exorcist, many of her aforementioned 70s and 80s films were B-listers and flops. She once said in an interview, her career ‘went down faster than the Titanic’. That may be but she at least she was working. Odd how an celebrity can work yet be washed up at the same time. To see a pitiful(although mercifully) short film Linda made in the 80s click here.
To see old Linda in The Exorcist – Exclusive: Linda Blair click here.

She’s currently working but most people regard her as a joke.
Still hasn’t shaked the Scarlet Letter (R) on her forehead.
Comeback Grade:  R for Regan on a Roller Coaster.
Linda’s Facebook Fans: 1,717 – washed up

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3 Responses to Linda Blair – Satanic Stereotype

  1. Robert Pacl says:

    I go back to Shirley Temple stardom. Our neighborhood had girls anywhere near her age taking tap-dance and singing lessons, and given a head full of curls. I’ve often wondered how many of them felt they hadn’t failed. I give a lot of credit to Shirley’s parents who genuinely seemed to be more intersted in protecting her from exploitation than basking in the limelight of her success. Lindsay Lohan’s life seems to be the epitome of an exploited child. I wondered about Linda’s inability to capitalize on her fame. Was it just type-casting that made her unmarketable?

  2. Brendan says:

    What can we it’s true Linda has been to shake The Exorist meaning that she did so many flim’s…Afther that flim and allway’s about one flim,People may mention Hell Night and the fact she did appearr in Grease The Musical in 1997 plus a Cameo in Scream, it would have been awesume if they had gave her a bigger part or even in Sequels!,As for 2011 she meant to be in Cousin Sarhra which is meant to be a remake of her Tv flim 1978’s,Stranger In our House,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow this does not do Linda Blair justice at all who cares what movies she has been in really!!! You call her washed up what does that mean because shes not at the top of the best actor charts? The point is and I do not know Linda personally but from what I have read and studied about her she is a very caring person who loves people and animals alike and the R you claim is stuck to her for head has been long gone. Linda in my opinion is an amazing woman and if I ever got the chance to meet her the first thing I would want to do is give her a big hug she just seems so loving and caring. Linda if you read this shit which you probably do not there are people out there that can see what you are doing and appreciate the love and kindness you share towards animals.

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