Mel Gibson – Actor and Anti-semite

Celeb:  Mel Gibson
Occupation:  Actor and Director




To say the years have not been kind to Mel Gibson is an understatement. I mean look at that. Then again Mel hasn`t been kind to himself or anyone around him.  Mel started off optimistically when he made a big spash in his Mad Max series and was on a roll with his next project Lethal Weapon. In 1981 he scored again with Gallipoli where he played an Australian sprinter who is sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign during WWI. The Road Warrior boasted some of the best car chases and stunts in Hollywood film. Several more impressive films followed including The Year of Living Dangerously Bounty Hunter and Braveheart one of his most successful. It won five Academy Awards at the 68th Academy Awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director (Mel), and was nominated for an additional five. Not too shabby. To see the Braveheart Trailer click here.
To see Family Guy spoof Braveheart Trailer click here.

Mel kept up a string of impressive flicks in such films as Tequila Sunrise, Bird on a Wire, Chicken Run, and The Patriot.  In 2002 that Mel returned to the screen in a kick-ass movie called Signs, about an alien invasion of earth. But it was his directing of the movie The Passion of the Christ that was the most controversial of all his films. Although the film was an overwhelming success it was brutal in its torture and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Mel`s sadism was spoofed on the animated television sitcom South Park. The Passion is the highest grossing (pun) R-Rated flick of all time. To see The Passion of the Christ Trailer click here.

That`s where it gets tawdry. And anti-semitic.


Winona Ryder recalls an incident where she told Mel she was Jewish and his reponse was “oven dodger.“ WTF!!  Seriously sick, dude.   To read the article click here.  Then there was that awkward arrest where a drunk driving Mel stated, `Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.“ This happened after he filmed The Passion.  Needless to say, after the media broadcasted Mel`s drunken arrest, his career took a serious nosedive. Good. He deserves it, the turd.  To see Mel Gibson is caught drunk driving in 2006. Mel disappeared from starring roles in film for seven years, claiming it was his idea “I kind of backed away.“ Um, yeah okay.

Mel claimed he began drinking at thirteen.  Richard Donner was shocked when Mel confided that he drank five pints of beer for breakfast (beer has barley at least). Mel said  in his mid-30s he contemplated suicide, and he meditated on Christ’s Passion to “heal his wounds“ and that  I found out recently I’m manic depressive.” Sorry Mel, no get out of jail free card for that display of self-pity. Mel was banned from driving in Ontario for three months in 1984 after he rear-ended a car in Toronto while under the influence. Subsequently, the anti-semitic drunk was ordered to attend self-help meetings, to attend a First Offenders Program, and was fined $1,300. That will break the bank for sure. It was William Morris Endeavor who delivered the most poignant punishment: in 2010, after a public outburst at his ex-girlfriend, the world renowned agency dropped Mel as a client.  So there. To hear Mel Gibson`s racist phone call to his ex-girlfriend Oskana click here.  **very explicit language**
To see Mel Gibson call Dean Jones an A+++hole on live TV click here.
To see Mel Gibson Jewish Question Interview Part I click here.

Redemption (pun)
He better pray for forgiveness. Perhaps Winona Ryder will lend him the crucifix she`s wearing in my blog Winona Ryder:  Ho-hum Actress and Kleptomaniac
Please don`t.
Comeback Grade:  A for anti-semitic turd
 Mel’s Facebook Fans: 135,491 – impressive – unlike his anti-semitic beliefs



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2 Responses to Mel Gibson – Actor and Anti-semite

  1. Klint says:

    This article is almost unintelligible at times. Whoever wrote this article should seriously consider taking some basic college English courses.

  2. Klint says:

    This article is almost unintelligible at times. Whoever wrote this should seriously consider taking some basic college English courses.

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