Heather Locklear – Amanda Re-run

Celeb:  Heather Locklear
Occupation:  TV Actress and L’Oreal Spokesmodel




Ouch.  I mean this post begins with an ouch.  That can’t be good.  Heather Locker, the quintessential blonde 1980s bombshell has turned into that.  Mind you she’s 50 years old and she still has a good bod, so I’ll try to be kind. Heather began her TV career on the hit show Dynasty, playing Sammy Jo Dean after she began a long-term, professional (wink) relationship with Aaron Spelling. The following year he cast her in an ultra boring cop show T J Hooker co-starring William Shatner. Remember that?  Me neither. Heather tried her hand at film acting in the box office bomb The Return of Swamp Thing. Bad move.  She got a Razzie Award for Worst ActressOuch. However she recovered nicely with the role of Amanda Woodward on the TV series hit show Melrose Place, a spinoff from Beverly Hills 90210. (Yeah I didn’t put that one together either). To see the trailer for The Return of Swamp Thing click here.

Heather crammed in several more tv appearances thanks to Aaron Spelling (wink) including Hotel (what?), Fantasy Island and the place where washed up celebs must eventually go The Love Boat. Heather hosted SNL on May 14, 1994 with Janet Jackson as the musical guest star. That’s when her career took a serious nosedive. To see Heather in the 1984 intro to T J Hooker click here.
To see How Heather Locklear Saved Melrose Place click here.
To see Heather Lockelear at Melrose Place (2009) click here.
Note the cosmetic work she’s already had done…at that young age!

She lowered herself to star in Muppets Tonight! and performed in a Melrose spoof called Muppet Heights (Oh, Heather). However, not to completely diss the lovely Miss Locklear, she was featured twice in People Magazine as one of The 50 Most Beautiful  People in the World. In 1996, Heather did an impressive performance as Suzy Mitchell in Shattered Minds, about a woman with multiple personalities (bit of a Shelley Long echo, except Heather’s critical review was good).  In 1999, Heather was cast opposite Michael J. Fox in the short-lived series Spin City (yawn) which tanked in 2002. She attempted her own series, Once Around the Park, but it tanked after a few episodes. Lucky for Heather she got picked up by L’Oreal as their hair colour spokeswoman. To see Heather in a L’Oreal commercial click here.  Now here is where Heather’s taste is really questionable. In 2005 she starred alongside Hillary Duff (seriously) in the feature film The Perfect Man. I don’t know, she played Hillary’s mother or something.
To see The Perfect Man trailer click here.

Heather made another stab at it in 2004 with her series See Jayne Run but it also tanked. (Heather, get the message?) Heather once more humiliated herself in 2009 when she starred in a Melrose tv sequel as an old Amanda Woodward. It tanked after one season. Ouch. To see Melrose Place Brilliant Finale Scene of Kate Cassidy vs Heather Locklear click here.

That’s where it gets tawdry.
(I know, hard to believe).

Heather’s taste in men has never been the best. First she married Tommy Lee (remember him from my Pamela Anderson blog? For a creepy dude he gets around), which lasted 7 years.  She was romantically linked with Scott Baio. Good Lord, woman. Finally she married Richie Sambora, another loser from the band Bon Jovi. That marriage lasted 11 years producing Heather’s only child, Ava. Denise Richardson was responsible for that divorce. To see Heather Locklear`s interview about her divorce from Richie Sambora click here.

On June 24, 2008, she checked into a medical facility in Arizona for anxiety and depression. In September 2008, Heather was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence outside Santa Barbara. Heather was formally charged with one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence. On January 2, 2009, Heather pleaded no contest to one charge of reckless driving, a misdemeanor and in return the district attorney dismissed the DUI charges. Heather served three years’ informal probation, was fined $700, and completed a DMV road and safety class (that oughta help). On April 21, 2010, Locklear was arrested on suspicion of hit and run, when a no parking sign was wrecked at 4 a.m. and her car showed matching damage. However the district attorney’s office declined to file charges because there was “insufficient evidence” verifying Heather was the driver.  
To see Heather Locklear Arrested for Hit and Run click here.

Numerous failed attempts.
Comeback Grade:  H for How Humiliating, Heather.

Heather’s Facebook Fans:.3,978 – washed up

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