Pamela Anderson – Actress Wannabe and Breast Augmentation Expert

Celeb:  Pamela Anderson
Occupation:  Actress, most notably for Baywatch and V.I.P.




Pamela Anderson is our modern day Marilyn Monroe: a busty, breathtaking blonde with zero acting talent. She started her career in modelling and it was only after she bleached her hair blonde and posed nude that her career took off.

In 1989 at the age of 22, she was noticed at a baseball game in Vancouver, BC (her original home – nice Canadian girl) and was brought down to the 50 yard line to show off to the ball fans. Here’s the interesting thing: she looked dreadful. Her hair was brown and all 80’s insane-looking. The pic on the left is a 1989 Playboy shoot (her first). Can you believe that’s Pamela?  

Her first tv acting gig was as the tool time  girl (dear lord) in Home Improvement. In the best career move she ever made, she bailed after 2 seasons for the role of C.J. on Baywatch. In 1996 she made her worst career move in the cinema flick Barb Wire as Barabara Kopetski. Four people went to see it: Pamela, Tommy Lee and their two kids. In April 1997 she hosted Saturday Night Live and stripped down to her underwear in her opening monologue. To see Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire click here.

Pamela’s second best career move was starring as Valery Irons in the four-season tv sitcom V.I.P. Then the show tanked and that’s where her tv career took a nosedive. In 2005 she accepted the part of Skyler Dayton in the short-lived tv series Stacked. It ran for 2 seasons, which was about 2 seasons longer than I expected. To see Intro to the Show VIP with Pamela Anderson click here. 
To see Pamela Anderson in Stacked Season 1 Episode 1 click here.

By 2008 Pamela was offered her own reality show, Pamela: Girl On the Loose (snicker), a magnificent piece of work (much like Pamela) that ran for 8 whole episodes. Apparently America is far more fixated on the kooky Kardashian girls than on Pamela. Ouch.


At rock bottom, Pamela starred on that ultimate washed up celebrity tv sitcom, Dancing with the Stars. Pamela spoofed Dolly Parton in the hit film 9 to 5. Seriously. Dolly Parton, who can sing and is learning how to act. Pamela’s one redeeming feature, she can dance (all that practice on poles you know). To see Pamela spoofing Dolly Parton on Dancing with the Stars click here.

That’s where it gets tawdry.
It was wholesome up until now, you know.

Pamela has never been known for her taste in men (Tommy Lee, Kid Rock). Tommy and Pamela both alleged they contracted Hepatitis C from each other. To further class up their marriage they “accidentally” released an explicit sex tape onto the internet. Worse, Pamela had her two sons, Brandon and Dylan, tattooed when they were toddlers. What a great mother. To see Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee 100% Real click here.

Mind you Kid Rock isn’t any prize. Oh, Pamela. Don’t you know it’s illegal to get married under the influence? The only thing she and Kid have in common is neither of them can sing. Pamela’s third questionable choice in husbands was Ricky Salomon. That marriage lasted a whopping 10 weeks, a sham even by Hollywood standards. To see Pamela Anderson reveals Divorce Secrets click here.  Video starts at 1:22.

Marilyn Monroe v Pamela Anderson
Both women were discovered by photographers.
Both women began as models, bleached their hair blonde, had cosmetic surgery, and posed nude early in their careers.
Neither woman can/could act; their success is/was based on sex appeal.
Both women married and divorced three times.
Both women married famous men.
Both women have been called “the most photographed woman in the world.”

Dancing with the Stars
had its good moments.
Comeback Grade:  F for the freakishly large breast implants until she got those nasty headaches and went back to a sensible DD.
To visit Pamela’s Facebook Page click here.



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3 Responses to Pamela Anderson – Actress Wannabe and Breast Augmentation Expert

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. You really should do some research. Marilyn Monroe is actually an amazing actress. Have you ever even seen any of her movies?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wish she had vanished before she got so wrinkly. I prefer to remember her as she was in her swimsuit on Baywatch. No real acting ability to speak of.

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