Molly Ringwald – Film Actress and Brat Packer

Celeb:  Molly Ringwald
Occupation: Film Actress




Well it appears Molly Ringwald has put on a few pounds since her last forgettable 1980s performance. Perhaps she should have remained a recluse. Molly hit the big time in the 1980s and was the highest paid Hollywood actress during much of that decade. Contrarily, she was also one of the least talented. Kids just liked her; that was her box office appeal. In fact some critics have labelled her the greatest teen actress of all time. So much for what the critics know. Molly was lumped into a group of then-famous 20-somethings known as the Brat Pack, a reference to the 1950s Rat Pack consisting of Sammy Davis Junior, Dean Martin, Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford (in-law to JFK) and Joel Bishop (who?).  To see the Sixteen Candles Movie Trailer click here.

Between 1984 and 1986 Molly starred in three consecutive hit films, Sixteen Candles, (cute) The Breakfast Club (cool) and Pretty in Pink (sucked). It is rumoured Molly turned down the female leads in Pretty Woman and Ghost. Yeah right. As if. I mean why would Molly want to make a kick-ass comeback film and star opposite Richard Gere and Patrick Swayze?  What a nightmare. She disappeared for four years when she moved to France and starred in French films. She dabbled in Broadway plays, and in 1996 she starred in the tv sitcom Townies which tanked after 9 whole episodes. Ouch. Between 2000 and 2006 Molly has been in films and made guest appearances on TV sitcoms, none of which have made any waves. Yawn. Molly is currently starring in the ABC Family network’s series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which debuted on July 1, 2008 as the teenager’s mother. Now there’s a coming down a peg or two.  From teen star to teen star’s mother. Thanks, I’d rather pass.

To see American Teen – Molly Ringwald click here.
To see the opening of Pretty in Pink (1986) click here.
To see the 80’s Trailers for The Breakfast Club click here.
To see Molly on Chelsea Lately click here.
To see a Family Guy spoof of Molly click here.

This is where it gets tawdry.
Are you kidding?

She has made a tv career for herself for three years and while it’s not the film star status she once enjoyed, at least she’s paying the bills.
Teen mom on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
Comeback Grade:  M for Molly should be grateful she has a job.
To view Molly’s Facebook Page click here.
Fans:  9,816 – low

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2 Responses to Molly Ringwald – Film Actress and Brat Packer

  1. Chromeheart says:

    His name was not JOEL Bishop, it was JOEY Bishop. Besides being part of the Rat Pack, JOEY had a talk show, in the 1960s, f/ a few years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let’s face it. She was NO Meryl Streep.

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