Arsenio Hall – Actor and Late Night Talk Show Host

Celeb:  Arsenio Hall
Occupation:  Actor and Late Night Talk Show Host




Arsenio Hall has aged poorly, much like his career. He’s another baffling flash in the 1990s pan and then poof! Vanished.  Certainly Arsenio’s roles in Coming to America and Harlem Nights, both written and produced by Eddie Murphy did his career no favours. Those films sucked. with a few 1990s films but he is best remembered as the host of The Arsenio Hall Show, his own late night talk show.  Odd, considering its relatively short run (1989 to 1994) but perhaps that’s due more to the controversy surround some of its episodes than its duration. After he was named to replace Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno became a rival, during which Hall said that he would “kick Jay’s ass” in the ratings game. To see Arsenio Hall on Jay Leno Show click here.
To see Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy in Coming to America click here.

However, it was Arsenio’s ratings that took a nosedive after he invited Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to appear on the show in February 1994. Arsenio devoted the entire hour to Farrakhan and conducted an interview, during which Farrakhan defended his statement that Malcolm X was “worthy of Death” and insisting he did not know who assassinated Malcom months after his statement. Partly to that that episode as well as bizarrely tongue-in-cheek guests (such as fictional character Jason Voorhees), and due to deteriorating ratings Arsenio’s program was canceled in May 1994. To see Louis Farrakhan on The Arsenio Hall Show click here.
To see Jason Voorhees on the Arsenio Hall Show click here.(funny)

For five years Arsenio was old news. Then between 1999 and 2003 he hosted two television sitcoms including the revamped Star Search, which lasted for for two years on CBS. Since then, Arsenio has once again been ousted from the spotlight.

That’s where it gets tawdry.
Well, there was that awkward episode with Farrakhan, you know.

None so far as I can tell.
None so far as I can tell.
Comeback Grade: Y for You’ve gotta be kidding.
To view Arsenio’s Facebook Page click here
Fans:  3,064 – low


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2 Responses to Arsenio Hall – Actor and Late Night Talk Show Host

  1. I adored Arsenio. We used to watch him when our kids were young. He and Eddie Murphy are part of our young years, when we were looking ahead, instead of back. I don’t understand what the problem was with having Minister Farrakhan on his show. But do truly miss him. I hope he comes back!!!

  2. rammer says:

    spike lee called him “uncle tom”.

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