Tina Yothers – The Original Ugly Betty

Celeb: Tina Yothers
Occupation: Actress on Family Ties




Tina Yothers has cleaned up rather well, but then again compared to her teen pic that wasn’t difficult. Hers is one of those peculiar stories where her own fame was based on her unattractive appearance and her lack of talent.  In other words she was washed up during the height of her career. What? She’s clearly had a nose job (good move). She is much heavier now than she was during her role as Jennifer Keaton on the hit TV series Family Ties (bad move) but she was still a growing girl back then (literally). Family Ties launched Michael J. Fox’s astounding career however it did nothing for Tina’s. Tina played the role of the “homely” youngest sister to Alex Keaton, not the most auspicious beginning for a female sitcom actress. Mallory Keaton, played by Justine Bateman was the cute sister on the show. One wonders whether there was any “sibling” rivalry between the two girls. The show’s producers had Tina grow out her long blonde hair and wear it in a “wild” style a la the 1980s fad in order to snag more male viewers. Needless to say the plan failed. Tina became the butt of many jokes among Family Ties fans. To see Tina on Family Ties click here.

Family Ties ended when Tina was 16 years old. She dyed her hair black after the end of the show and has worn in that way ever since, a definite improvement. In 1996 she formed the grunge band Jaded with her brother Corey and they released an album in 2000 which flopped. My god the girl can’t get anything right. In 2004 she was given the lead role in Lovelace the Musical, about the raunchy porn star who appeared in many XXX films, but is most widely known for her role in Deep Throat. Well at least Tina moved up in the world. To hear a tune from Jaded click here. Video starts at 3:12. Absolutely sucks. To listen to Tina talk about her band click here.
To see a scene from Deep Throat click here.

Tina participated in the fourth season of the reality show Celebrity Fit Club, weighing in at over a hefty 200 lbs. She lost an impressive 42 pounds. In 2008 Tina appeared in Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp so it is likely that she continues to struggle with her weight. That truly sucks. She has had no other television appearances.  She claims not to have any interest in TV but really producers have no interest in Tina and her weight problems.

That’s where it gets raunchy.
Except from her weight gain, none needed.
Comeback Grade:  S for Stop kidding yourself about that grunge band, Tina.
Tina’s Facebook Fans:  n/a 

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2 Responses to Tina Yothers – The Original Ugly Betty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. What a nasty, brutal article. I’m guessing you don’t like her much.,

  2. Anonymous says:


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