Scott Baio – TV Actor and Chachi Chump

Celeb:  Scott Baio
Occupation:  TV Sitcom Actor




Scott Baio  has aged beautifully, hasn`t he?  He looks a helluva lot hotter now than he did when he played ChaChi Arcola on Happy Days and on Joanie Loves ChaChi. My word he was a little geek back then. Eesh. To see the opening of Happy Days click here.

Over the years Scottie has had some impressive love interests, including Heather Thomas and Pamela Anderson. Seriously. When will Pamela get taste in men?  She has a great track record of losers behind her but …  wait this isn’t about her.  Anyhoo.

Scott’s career began in 1976 when he played the cult children’s gangster musical Bugsy Malone opposite Jody Foster. At 16, Scott was cast as the Fonz’s (Henry Winkler) cousin on Happy Days, a very successful sitcom in the 1970’s. Joanie Loves Chachi was a Happy Days spinoff that lasted only two seasons.  It sucked.  Here’s why it was cancelled. Ouch. In 1982 Scott recorded an album for RCA (here we go). During the 1990s Scott starred on numerous forgettable sitcoms. He also managed to land roles on The Nanny, Touched By An Angel and Full House. In 2001 he starred in a couple of TV films that no one has ever seen. In 2008 he starred in a lame reality show about (what else) himself entitled Scott Baio is 45 …. and Single, a personal quest to discover why he couldn’t commit to any one woman.  He claimed he didn’t become addicted to drugs or alcohol because he was a “woman addict.” To read the article click here. In reality (pun) he eventually married Renee Sloan after she announced she was pregnant. They had a daughter. He tries to make waves now and then with his conservative political views but who really gives a shit?
To see Scott Baio is Single … and 45 clip here.
To see New Dad Scott Baio Talks About His New Baby Girl click here.

That’s where it gets tawdry.
It doesn’t. Yawn.

For what?
Comeback Grade:  J for Joke. His next reality show should be Scott Baio is 45…and a Joke.
Scott’s Facebook Fans:  1,165 – washed up 

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