Rosie Perez – Actress and Flash in the 1990s Pan

Celeb:  Rosie Perez
Occupation: Actress, most notably in the film White Men Can’t Jump







Rosie Perez doesn’t age. I’ll give her that. But what does it matter considering how freakishly weird she looks? That is one homely movie star.  Okay so that isn’t nice.  Neither is this blog, ace.  I never did understand how she got to the top of the A listers, however temporarily. Remember the 1950s movie stars?  I don’t believe I ever saw an ugly one, men included, unless it was called for in a certain scene.  What gives anyway?

Anyhoo. Old Rosie started her career as a dancer on Soul Train in 1980. That seems to have been her initial and main talent: she choreographed videos for LLCoolJ (who?), Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown (another Who?) and Diana Ross (a legend – I refuse to take a poke at her). That is an impressive list if you are a Gen X-er. Gen Y’s haven’t heard of those people except JJ, and we only hear about her for stupid reasons. But that’s another blog entirely. Rosie’s first acting role in 1988 was in a flick called Do the Right Thing (yeah, I know I don’t have a clue about it either).

Her third major role was in the comedy classic White Men Can’t Jump…great little flick starring Woody Harrelson (who) and Wesley Snipes (naaasty).  In 1997, she starred in Perdita Durango, a controversial film in which many scenes of excessive violence, sex and nudity were edited out of the American version, but remained intact in the version released throughout Latin America. Okay, warning sign. You know you are desperate for roles and on your way OUT when you take on roles so pathetic that even America won’t fully air them.
To see Rosie in White Men Can’t Jump click here.
To see Rosie in another stupid scene from White Men Can’t Jump click here.

She had a role in some unforgettable film called Pineapple Express (seriously), and starred in a number of what-was-the-name-of-that-movie-again? flicks in the 1990s before she was finally reduced to a few voice-overs here and there. It was at this time that Rosie’s career took a serious nosedive and that was that. Phew!  We were wondering when she’d get a clue about her lack of talent and beauty.  She has this squealy-ass voice too that just gets my goat.  Poor goat.
To see Rosie Perez & Danny McBride Entertainment Interview click here.

This is where it gets tawdry.
You’re kidding, right?

For what, her lack of sex appeal and talent?  Don’t think there’s a redemption recipe for that.
Comeback Grade:  S for Stay Hidden.
To view Rosie’s Facebook Page click here.
Fans:  1,612 – pitiful

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2 Responses to Rosie Perez – Actress and Flash in the 1990s Pan

  1. FRANK C. says:


  2. Ant Butler. says:

    love her to bits good looking and smarter then the chump that wrote that mess x (u got ma other half good’n’mad br@.) Tee737

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