Bobby Brown – Singer and Crackhead

Celeb: Bobby Brown
Occupation:  Singer and Ex-husband of Whitney Houston




Ouch. Bobby Brown you are the only crack addict I’ve ever seen that actually gained weight. I mean he (was) a good-looking dude and he can sing and he is (was) a helluva songwriter. At the ripe age of 11, he founded and performed in the defunct band New Edition (a black BackStreet Boyz rip-off).  Surprise, surprise the other jealous band members vetoed him in 1986 citing his crass onstage behaviour. Mind you, he did cut in on other people’s solos on many occasions while extending his own solo time. A bit obnoxious I’ll admit but the dude knew he was the talent in the band so why blend? His first solo venture in 1986 saw him releasing a largely forgettable album appropriately entitled King of Stage. King or not, no one was buying. To see a New Edition video click here.

His second release Don’t Be Cruel, made up for all that. It sprung five number one singles and eventually was certified eight times platinum, having sold 8 million copies. And no wonder.  Bobby was one of the original rappers. I ate that one up too. Don’t Be Cruel kicked ass. New Edition eat your heart out. To see Bobby Brown singing Don’t Be Cruel (its worth it) click here. See?  Didn’t that rock?  Tell me you could keep your toes from tapping to that one.  Just you tell me that, liar.

Bobby’s third successful release, Bobby, arrived in 1992.  So, a few years’ gap there.  It was well worth the wait, hitting # 2 on the billboard and featuring Humpin’ Around (#2 on the Billboard) and Good Enough (#7). Damn. The dude still had it. In 1997 he released his fourth album Forever, which only reached #61 on the billboard. Ouch. To add further insult, he wrote all the songs himself. Now that’s gotta hurt.  Then, Bobby went pooof! for several years and his unique brand of R&B-rapper disappeared….it was the day the music died.

That’s where it gets tawdry.

You just gotta know that a kid of 11 who makes the big time in his own boy band is going to be trouble and Bobby has had his share.  Bobby married the superstar Whitney Houston in 1992, during his Don’t Be Cruel era. They have one daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown (isn’t that cool). In September 26, 1996, Whitney separated from Bobby after 14 years of a turbulent marriage. She accused Bobby of multiple assaults and on the Oprah Winfrey Show Whitney declared that Bobby “spit in her face in front of Bobbi.” During their marriage Whitney and Bobby were heavy crack cocaine users, which probably didn’t help matters any. Whitney’s current appearance and stage performances reflect her long-term drug use, but that’s another blog entirely. After their marriage dissolved their Georgia mansion and numerous possessions were sold to settle mortgage payments and other debts. In fact Bobby has very little money left himself. Say what?
To watch Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston – EXCLUSION N17 Interview click here.
He’s bipolar so he has to smoke pot?  That’s a first. Whitney “took it in the face“….such a passive verb tense. Who did she take it from anyway?  And what do we make of Whitney’s “we’re in love” protests?  My God these two deserve each other. Anyhoo.
To see Whitney Houston defending their drug use while talking to Oprah Winfrey click here.

 In 2003 Bobby was arrested for misdemeanor battery, allegedly for assaulting Whitney while shouting obscenities at her.  In February 2004, Bobby was arrested and jailed in Georgia on a parole violation related to a previous drunk driving conviction. In June 2007, Bobby was interviewed on the ITV television series “24 hours with…”, a chat show where celebrity and interviewer spend an intense 24 hours locked in a room together. The show’s host, Jamie Campbell joked about making “sexual moves” towards the singer. Brown was furious and threatened to beat Campbell up live on air. Can’t blame him, really. That’s one assault I can forgive. To watch Bobby Brown loses his rag on 24 hours with…coming to ITV click here. 
To see a video clip of Bobby Brown talks new album, New Edition Reunion click here
To see Bobby Brown in concert 2011 click here.

Bobby hasn’t endeared himself to many interviewers either.
To watch Bobby Brown beats up lil b sure click here.

He married Alicia Etheredge-Brown and they have one child. Of course in typical attention-seeking Bobby fashion, he proposed to her on bended knee during a concert in front of thousands of fans.


In 2010 Bobby began a worldwide tour with a re-vamped New Edition to sold-out shows. Presumably he’s looking for a new way to pay the bills. Dude’s got a lot of personal problems which influences his comeback grade report, kiddies, but clearly the singer has still got it.
Comeback Grade:  I for Insane idiot.
To view Bobby’s Facebook Page click here.

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