Marie Osmond … Singer and Female Half of the Donny and Marie Duo

Celeb:  Marie Osmond
Occupation:  Singer and Variety Show Actress




Wow. Marie Osmond is proof that MILFs are MILFs for a damned good reason.  What a knockout! If only the same could be said for her career, which is a wash out.  Marie and brother Donny were at the height of their television fame in the late 1970’s. The pair had grown up as child stars as had all the Osmond clan except Jimmy. Jimmy in fact didn’t look anything like the dark-haired toothy clan. He sucked. Anyhoo. Only Donny and Marie made it out of childhood into adult stardom with their own television variety hour The Donny and Marie Show that aired from 1976 – 1979. To see Marie performing on The Donny and Marie Show click here.  Can you see why it had a short run?

When the show tanked somehow, overnight both Donny and Marie became a joke.  They grew up as stars and suddenly they were flops. Just like that. Who knows why?  Maybe because they displayed an utter lack of talent during their television series. Donny later redeemed himself with an impressive, long run as Joseph in Toronto, Ontario, in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. He was smokin’ hot. I know. I was there.

Incredibly Marie turned down the role of Sandy in the hit musical Grease because she didn’t like its moral content and the role went to Olivia Newton John. Big mistake, Marie. She put out a country album in the late 1980s which did quite well. She went through a much-ballyhooed divorce in her Mormon community. In case you were wondering, thankfully, neither she or Donny were those kinds of Mormons, you know the polygamous types. She and Donny were just friends. Marie made a few recurring guest appearances on the television show Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!  She starred in the unsuccessful TV sitcom Maybe This Time which aired for one whole season. Ouch. In 2006 she dickered around in radio but her show only lasted 10 months. In 2009 Marie announced to the world at large that her daughter Jessica was a lesbian and had been living with her girlfriend for three years.  I wonder if Jessica appreciated her mother “outing her” to the press? To listen to Marie narrating an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! click here.

That’s where it gets tawdry.
Are you kidding me?  She’s a Mormon for christ’s sake.

What redemption?  She’s a Mormon for christ’s sake.
On November 2007, Marie appeared on the television sitcom Dancing With the Stars looking amazing of course. She and her partner placed 7th…meh…about average…like her career. Unfortunately she embarrassed herself by fainting on the show. To see a clip of Marie Osmond collapsing on Dancing With the Stars click here. Clearly Marie starred on Dancing before she signed on as spokesperson with Nutrisystem. Marie started a line of collectable dolls (oh, sweet Nellie) in 1991 and made record sales (pun) on QVC. She continued the line until 2009. At present, having struggled with her own weight issues over the years, Marie is promoting the Nutrisystem brand of weight loss and doing so beautifully. To see Marie in a Nutrisystem commercial click here. I know. Even her commercials are painful.

Comeback Grade:  W for well, you tried Marie.
Marie’s Facebook Fans: 2,452 – washed up 

Sadly on February 26, 2010, Marie’s son Michael committed suicide by jumping from his 8th floor apartment in Los Angeles, California. That truly sucks.

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9 Responses to Marie Osmond … Singer and Female Half of the Donny and Marie Duo

  1. fred says:

    Say what you will but this woman is gorgeous. Maybe she could stand to lose a few pounds and her waist is just a memory, but she is beautiful and looks delicious. What a great body for 50 something.

  2. Why would you say that The Donny and Marie Show had a ‘short run’? It was on for three seasons, which is considered impressive in television; hardly a joke. Marie soon came back with her own variety show for just one season in the 80s, but the brother-sister team certainly weren’t thought of as ‘flops’. They simply followed separate career paths for most of the 80s and early 90s. However, in the late 90s, Donny and Marie re-teamed for two seasons with a talk show. Near the end of the 00s, Donny and Marie’s careers began crossing paths some more, first with Donny offering commentary on Marie’s performance on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, and then with the siblings hosting the 2008 Miss USA pageant. The Donny/Marie partnership immediately continued, this time tackling live productions (in a similar vein to their 70s TV program), first with a show in Vegas that is currently in the middle of a four-year run, and next with a holiday presentation that ran first on Broadway, and soon in Chicago. Donny and Marie have proven themselves to be a valid and popular entertainment act, consistent with their family’s legacy.

  3. best-decade-ever says:

    To really understand why Marie and Donny had such a mesmorizing effect on America from their (1976-79) TV show years, you had to been there and watched them. You can get a feel for that by watching segments on you tube. Marie was just so cute. Check out “The great Osmondo”, where Donny cuts his sister in half during a magic trick. Priceless.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Marie placed third on DWTS, not seventh. She would have won it or placed second if not for her stupid doll dance routine, which cost her. She also had her talk show with Donny for two years. Fact check, anyone? You seem to have an agenda against her for sticking to her moral guns, so to speak.

  5. Anonymous says:

    They’re great

  6. rIC says:

    She just seame to get beter year by year

  7. Patrick Nel says:

    Their songs were beautiful and still is after all these years, just like the Osmonds themselves. How come when someone displays grace, charm and manners these days they are considered washed up? Its a sad time we are living in. Shame to the author of this article.

  8. Joe says:

    I agree that Marie Osmond is and incredibly beautiful and sexy women! I would do anything and everything for and to her!

    In fact I think she is so beautiful that if she were mine, I would have no reason or urge to even look or fantasize about another women.

  9. rickinator69 says:

    Are they sure it was suicide? I wouldn’t take a chance on 80 feet and maybe end up a paraplegic but not dead.

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