Kristy McNichol – Obscure Actress and Singer Wannabe

Celeb:  Kristy McNichol
Occupation:  Actress




Kristy McNichol isn’t a bad-looking woman these days but considering she is only 47 and looks 57, I would suggest she hasn’t taken the best care of herself. Still she is more attractive now than she was when she was a tomboy kid. In fact my last posting about Nancy McKeon is what made me think of Kristy. They could be sisters couldn’t they?  Anyhoo.

Kristy starred in all kinds of TV movies and sitcoms. She had a good, long run during the ’70’s and early 80’s. She played Buddy (oh, so like Nancy as Jo) on the hit series Family for 4 seasons. She had guest appearances on the Love Boat, Starsky and Hutch, The Bionic Woman and Love American Style. In 1977 she was the one of the most famous teen actresses of that era. Considering her utter lack of talent and completely banal  appearance that truly boggles the mind. The ’70’s was a very forgiving decade. Imagine. To see the ridiculous opening for Family click hereSuch an irony that McNichol’s co-star Meredith Lesbian Baxter (she came out years ago) is named Nancy in the series. Another irony: Leif Garrett had a guest appearance on Family. Dare say that didn’t exactly launch his career. To see kristy on an episode of Love Boat with Scott Baio click here.

Mind you in 1978 she starred in a TV film called The Summer of My German Soldier and she did an impressive job. I saw that flick. She was quite awesome in it…probably for the first and last time in her career.

Kristy and her brother Jimmy McNichol fooled themselves into thinking they could sing well enough to launch a singing career. Ouch. They released an album entitled quite creatively Kristy and Jimmy McNichol. To listen to the cover tune He’s So Fine click here. Wow. Aren’t they amazingly talented? Look at that cover.  Aren’t they just the coolest? In spite of her joke singing career, Kristy appeared on various television talk shows and a 1978 movie with Burt Reynolds (don’t worry if you’ve never heard of him, he’s further down on the list) The End. How poetic. To watch Kristy McNichol in The Carpenters Christmas Special click here. It was after this appearance that Kristy and Jimmy decided to get into music themselves.  Can’t you just see why?  Isn’t that an amazing sketch?

That’s where it gets raunchy.

I know you’re thinking I should have included her singing career in this section but there’s even worse news in store. It was rumoured that Kristy began dabbling in the drug scene since she became unreliable on TV set and movie sets (we should introduce her to Lindsay Lohan). However she was diagnosed with  bipolar affective disorder which explained a lot of her bizarre behaviours. The damage to her reputation was done although Kristy starred in 3 more films that tanked at the box office. After her unsuccessful run she was offered roles in B-list flicks and TV movies. Well she was still working at least and a lot better a job than say, in a dry cleaner.

In 1992 Kristy retired from acting due to the difficulties associated with bipolar disorder. She appeared on a talk show stating “a lot of people have wondered what I’ve been up to. I retired from my career after 24 years. My feeling was that it was time to play my biggest part – MYSELF!”
Comeback Grade:  Y for You`ll never live it down Kristy
Kristy’s Facebook Fans:  1,026 – pitiful 

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81 Responses to Kristy McNichol – Obscure Actress and Singer Wannabe

  1. lexamiles says:

    hey, i like her when she sang FIRST LOVE…an ost of that pirate movie with atkins…she’s cute, really cute…

  2. cheryl says:

    You’re funny. Lack of talent? LOL. Who do you think you are. Bloggers like you need a reality check. You don’t win two Emmy’s for lack of talent as America’s first 1,000,000 paid teen actress.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, yes you do!! I can give you a list of over 40 thousand who have and I’ve been a member of the Television Academy for over four decades. One of the silliest of obsessions is dying for celebrities, when you make judgement from what you see on a screen, Remember, it’s all make believe.. Get to know your rabbit. Kristy was about as adorable as a rattlesnake but without any bite. Talent? It never entered her mind.

  3. cheryl says:

    t’s more like Kristy literally disappeared from acting in 1994, not 1998, after Empty Nest’s episode reunion. She did a voice over in 1998 for Invasion America and that was the last of her performances. The industry couldn’t trust the bipolar depression issues that affected “Just The Way You Are” production that continued with issues on Empty Nest. She then came out as bipolar and entertainment seemed over for her especially since her brother had to do Special Edition TV interviews on her behalf, it was that serious. No studio would touch Kristy McNichol ever again. Kristy’s mother Carolynne she had trusted with her financial matters to also sunk her in a financial hole blowing her fortune in 1994 on IRS $4,000,000 back taxes which is why she moved back into her modest abode from her Sherman Oaks mansion that the late actor Marlon Brando later purchased in the 1990’s. Public records show Kristy’s mother had lived it up in a Malibu mansion with a tennis court prior to the IRS dispute. One has to wonder why an actresses mother and former manager lived better than the teen actress leaving her broke, even after Empty Nest’s four year success.

    Kristy spent time after her retirement on her annual tennis charity featuring some of the top tennis players of that time, and also taught drama to disadvantaged and abused kids at a local drama school. She donated to animal causes and appeared with her former boyfriend hair stylist whom she donated thousands of dollars to in order that he could have a salon in Beverly Hills. He appeared on Biography’s program saying he couldn’t have done it without Kristy McNichol’s financial support.

    Kristy has suffered a lot of loss in her life both financial, career. She lost a close friend to cancer in the 1990’s and then 9/11 occurred on her 39th B-Day. Kristy’s also had to deal with public questions about her sexual orientation. Kristy attempted to come back with auditions for Dancing with the Stars in 2008 but the 1970’s segment featuring Florence Henderson of the Brady Bunch was thrown to the wind. Kristy began appearing for fans and autographs in Burbank in 2007 where the latest photos were taken. She also appeared with former costar Chris Atkins from the Pirate Movie. Kristy had a Biography program special done on her in 2003 that was very well done. I t was rumored something was in the works of a special movie featuring an American Idol Indian singer and his sister but it never materialized. That’s really the last spike that’s occurred for public awareness.

    Career burn out doesn’t sit well in Hollywood, especially for multi-million dollar actresses. Kristy McNichol made a lot of people jealous with her fortune, unintentionally I’m sure. It’s a tough town. Kristy was also backstabbed by a bisexual former lover who ended up marrying a baseball player who later dissed Kristy to the Enquirer. Kristy also had problems with Liberace’s niece who she lived with a few years and later threw out of her house in a fit of rage after a trip to Italy.

    Other factors for why Kristy was placed outside the politics of a tightly knit Jewish/Israel Hollywood is that she’s of Armenian descent.

    I personally believe Kristy McNichol has done fairly well in spite of all the losses she’s incurred. Unlike Britney Spears, Kristy’s never, ever made a fool of herself in public or sought media attention other than going through proper channels. Regardless, there are fans always worrying about her well being since she never married and no one really knows anything about her life anymore. Many still think of her as a teenager and kid rather than an adult which is probably just one more burden on Kristy’s shoulder’s to bear as if she can’t handle her own life.

    My guess is Kristy McNichol has suffered a great deal in her life both emotionally and financially as most teen stars do. I also have a hunch she got ripped off tremendously by her mother that seems to be a trend from that 70’s/80’s era of parental mismanagement of teenager’s finances. There were no laws back then protecting child and teen stars from parental abuse of finances although the devastation occurred in Kristy’s 30’s rather then teens. Go figure.

    Kristy McNichol is no longer a wealthy person and neither are any members of her family, living on yesterday’s wealth. Kristy’s brother Jimmy divorced his wife and mother of his child around 2004.

    These are obviously just my deductions based on information I gathered for a website I did in 2003 on her life and career. Only Kristy herself could confirm what is true or not, but I can’t help but feel like a crime sleuth researching her career and life that something was taken from her after years of hard work and in denying her emotional development in her childhood and teen years. I’m sure Kristy McNichol doesn’t want her fans to feel bad or sorry for her. Stage mothers can be a real bitch to deal with.

    • Frank says:

      Thanks for all of the detail…

    • Mike B says:

      “Other factors for why Kristy was placed outside the politics of a tightly knit Jewish/Israel Hollywood is that she’s of Armenian descent.”

      RU kidding me? Like anyone in Hollywood, jewish or otherwise, cares about Armenian descent, positively or negatively. Seems like a thinly veiled way to insert your anti-semitism into the conversation in order to try to legitimize it.

      I hope you wear your anti-semite badge proudly.

    • jerry buckles says:

      she was in the forgotten one 1998

    • Coco Von says:

      I agree with below..soooo many UNTALENTED actors, singers, etc. are up there making tons of dough, selling records, making horrible movies, etc..She could act I thought, and still think, but her singing was shit. I really can’t understand that one at . But she seems like a sweet gal

  4. pony says:

    I remember Kristy McNichol very well. She was and still is an attractive, talented, person who I will never forget and miss seeing on TV very much.

  5. Charlene Torres says:

    I grew up watching Kristy and idiolized her very much. Even named my dog “buddy” after her. I remembered playing her album over and over…I still know the words to every song! Its a shame her mother took advantage of her finances leaving her broke. Anyway, I keep praying for a comeback because Kristy is that gifted.

  6. BillsCat says:

    Real easy to sit at a keyboard and tear-up others, isn’t it, loser? Seems like a serious case of celebrity-hater, pure envy and spite. You’re a zero who blogs and these are people who’ve acted before cameras, whether you liked it or not, and now they’re older and still well-known while you’re just another weasel hiding behind a web page. As you will always be…

  7. cheryl says:

    About your claim of a Facebook page, none of those are by Kristy McNichol herself. Kristy doesn’t promote herself at all, she’s retired.

    Just a note you are a particularly vicious individual to write about her as you have. You’re mindset indicates a callous, cruel and sadistic person projecting your own feelings of failure and guilt onto your victims.

    • Glynn Emdy says:

      Yeah Cheryl, This country is full of hateful people. I am an old man of 75 and also bi-polar. I have always admired Kristy and to those who say she has no talent should watch and listen carefully to, ” It happened one night In Georgia”. She had a lot of bad breaks but for me she redefines the word “CUTE” I have a daughter four years older than Kristy that everyone says is drop dead beautiful born to wealth and privilege but as sorry as a person can get. Were it possible I would trade her for Kristy as my daughter. Reading all of the vicious comments about Kristy has made me a people hater.

  8. Ronald says:

    Why do people believe these days that they can pretty much say what they want without repercussion? 47 and looks 57??? That first paragraph was enough for me. Think about it, teacher…would you want such a offensive, foolish thing said about you??? If you’re going to talk about someone, try their accomplishment. Their attitude. Their history. But not their looks, unless it is germaine to the article itself…and this, as mean-spirited as it gets, was not.

    • Anonymous says:

      She is still beautiful and has such a great smile she lights up a room. . I wish there were more talented women like her she was incredible.

  9. Jason Letitia Buddy Lawrence aka Kristy HOT McNichol or Tizzy Lish says:

    Good Day,

    I just want to say there is no show that can replace Family. I bought the season one and two disc’s and can’t get enough!!!!!!! I’m a jock kind of guy love my sports but, there is something about that show and the acting that takes my breath away. I will always consider Miss McNichol one of the best actresses of all time. That entire lineup Garry Frank, Sada Thompson, James Broderick, Meredith Baxter Birney and of course Kristy WHAT CHEMISTY!!!!!!!!!!!! When I’m down I watch that show and its like magic it reminds me of a better quality life back then. Kristy, you are the reason why there is pause button on dvd players.

    I love the 70’s we should have froze time to back then life would be allot better then it is now.

  10. Frank says:

    Yea, I have to agree. You pretty much suck. Kristy is great. I especially liked her in the Pirate Movie, lots of people do…

    By the way, I think she had a lovely singing voice…


  11. Kp says:

    Likewise with fans here, I firmly believe that it is interesting when someone throws “shade” on a talented person such as Kristy here. She obviously did make quite a positive impact with her persona in general for years and it is just simply stupid to point a finger of rudeness at her after what she has given to her fans, the industry, etc. alone. Nobody here is claiming to know her personally responding to you ” Teacher”, however, have a heart ya know… she’s just as human as everyone and if you don’t like Kristy McNichol then save your energy and ignorant comments for yourself. Again, it’s just stupid and a waste of time for fans wanting to read a good bio by logging on here…only to be disappointed by this sloppy blurb. Gimme a break! Kristy McNichol was one of the best actresses and many fans would love it one day if she ever chose to make a comeback. I miss her!

  12. Ron says:

    I loved her always…cute gal, i wanted to massage her feet.

  13. Gina says:

    Kristy has lived her life authentically. Why must others feel compelled to tear her apart? Acting was for a season in her life. She did remarkable work. If she hadn’t, we wouldn’t feel the need to write blogs about her, or comment on blogs. It would be a moot point. If I had the opportunity to speak to her directly, all I would say is……..Thank you for giving the beauty you have to the world. I hope you find all the happiness this life affords. Never stop being true to your heart. Be happy for this moment……..this moment…….is your life.

  14. Felicia Marsh says:

    most of us have been touched by Kristy’s talent, grace and awesome acting! I have nothing
    but great things to say about her. She was and still is an inspiration to me. She was one of the best
    dramatic young actresses of her time. She appears to have a giving heart. We do not know her life and should not judge her, teacher. If you cannot say anythign kind about her, then why say anything at all. Until you have walked a mile in her shoes, have a little heart. I agree, with Gina 100 %!

  15. Cindy says:

    Hate much?

  16. Felicia Marsh says:

    I takes a lot of courage to do what Kristy did. Bipolar disorder can and is difficut to
    deal with. Be happy , be healthy Kristy! I miss seeing you and wish the best for you.


  17. Nicole Lane says:

    My God, Kristy’s acting performances on “Family” are extraordinary! How could anyone call
    her a “no talent?” Right now I am watching the series’ dvd’s, and thoroughly enjoying reliving
    this magnificent drama. Kristy will always be considered one of the finest child actors! I would
    love to see her launch a comeback. God bless you Kristy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday, Kristy! May you be blessed in the year ahead and have peace and happiness!
    9/11/01-We will never forget the victims of the World Trade Center.

    Take care,

  19. Hank says:

    OBSCURE actress? Jeezuss, what are u, 12 years old? Kristy was the cutey pie next door for my generation. Avril Lavigne has big shoes to fill.

  20. La LA says:

    I only found your idiotic blog because I was Googling Kristy McNichol. If she’s a nobody, what does that make you? Just another troll… yawn.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I loved her acting and her singing so I guess you don’t know what you are talking about.

  22. Well, one thing for sure, Time it is a Wrecker, you look at her when she was young and still a kid at heart, before time changed everything, and you look now and you think wow, still survived which is more than what others have been able to do that says a lot, hope she can find happiness no matter what anyone thinks, we all deserve a shot at that.

  23. sinhead says:

    What’s more pathetic, being a washed up actress and singer or someone that spends all their time in their mom’s basement thinking and writing about them?

  24. The person who writes this “blog” apparently hasn’t got a life, and spends his/her day sitting at a PC, posting snarky hateful comments.

    Sad really. To avoid facing the fact that he/she has no career, or talent, or life of his/her own, this person instead choose’s to focus on a complete stranger, who he/she only knows through the media.

    Here’s some advice, Get a life.

  25. meaghan says:

    thank you all for a most entertaining lunch! it is inspiring to see that someone who is trying to make someone’s “downfall” funny has inspired so much compassion and cheer leading. i think everyone should find christy’s email and send this to her so she can save it on one of those low self esteem days we all have once in awhile so she can remember she is appreciated when she doesn’t feel it.

    you all cracked me up!

  26. Baptiste says:

    shut up!

  27. shan pearce says:

    She was very cute back then and a beautyful person still.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What an IDIOT!!!!

  29. tammie says:

    I have a feeling about kristy that live my area..if i see her i want to give her a bigg hug and girl night out and go shopping lady

  30. Anonymous says:

    OMG!! I loved Ms. McNichol!! She was my icon growing up! She’s still my icon, and she’s beautiful! Still!

  31. Anonymous says:

    The Chokes on you Ed-Geene dudes, Your just mad cause Kristy and Jimmy, wont come back to the “New and improved” Tyrannical hollyweird; Run by the Zodiak Murderers, and the Hillside slashers. Being gay is one thing, but I’ve come to know you as a bunch of Tyrannical Queer, Jack the Ripper cases.Who are the Holly-weird Dudes that are always slandering my good name, and accusing me of being a Queer? I’m accusing them of being a bunch of lying anti-christs, who not only worship Satan: But commit human sacralidge, and perform human sacrafice! (GOD knows what else) No wonder Kristy’s hiding. I’d be hiding too! The last time I saw Kristy, she still looked like she was 20; YOUR pathetic! And if you’ve all got something to say about it, you could tell it to Central Intelligence and thr F.B.I. I’m not playing your game. Ever have the Tom Araya, strangle an annoying queer experience? You know what I mean? I’m a good guy, Straight guy; But I’m not a Guy you want to tangle with, and you’re Dangling here.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Now this makes sense. thank you Frank. Ms. McNickol was a solid performer to me. We have no clue about everything that went on to contribute. May she & the family be blessed

  33. Anonymous says:

    The only reason she has so few followers is because she is no longer doing any tv work. She worked plenty.

  34. S. l. says:

    Whoa, sick little article. Anybody who could see The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia and not only think Kristy wasn’t uniquely and wonderfully talented but want to write a piece mocking her is in really sad shape. She was an authentic and adorable performer with the courage to move on past the business when it became necessary for her health. What she looks like in the updated photo is a real person triumphing over a nasty disease.

  35. Barry.J says:

    Why Do People Have Nothing Better To Do Than,”Attack” Kristy,If Anthing..Attack The Film
    Critics,”Who Dont Pay To See Films In The First Place” Plus Is It Really Fare To Degrade
    Somone Due To Their Misfortunes.

    Kristys Films Finally Seem To Be Aquring “Some” Recognition, “Theyre Not All Turkeys”
    Plus Nobody Should Suffer a Breakdown at 21,and Yes Kristy Does Look Stunning In
    That Bikini,”Im 43 Male and My Possibly Be Regarded as Sad” But I Wish People Would
    Show Some Kindness,Even Her Brothers,”Shockingly” Altered Features Have Been
    Allegedly “Drug” Induced “and Nothing Proved”,

    i Admit Her Later Episodes of “Empty nest” Are Difficult To Watch But its More Than Likely
    She Was Unaware Of Her Behaviour…Proof She Is Still Loved and NOT Crazy

    • Glynn Emdy says:

      Barry, It is refreshing to see your comments, In this mode of posting all I can see is from your words is that you are a “Class” act. The first time I saw Kristy was in the TV series, Family. I thought to myself, “What a cute and charming little girl”. It bodes badly on our society that most of what I have seen on line is so hateful and negative. I wonder if anyone will degrade you for misspelling the word, “fair”. Myself I just assume that you in error hit a wrong key(s). I will be watching and hope nothing ever appears. My kindest regards to you and as you said there are many of us who love Kristy. I wish I knew how to contact her and offer a helping hand. The rapid aging she is experiencing can be reversed. I am a retired ND (naturopathic physician). I am almost 75 and am told I look around forty and have the photos to prove it. Most everyone can maintain their youth at least another forty years. If you know how to contact her, tell her I will treat her for free and she can regress her age back to the “bikini” picture. May God bless you for your kind words.

  36. Barry.J says:

    Dear Glynn
    Thanks For The Reply,I Would Also Love To Get In Contact With Kristy,”and Jimmy”
    But I Believe This Is a Near Impossible Task,I Have Been Working On a Biography
    “For Nearly 3 years Now” But With So Much Misguided Or Mis-Quoted Information
    “and Copyright Laws” Im Probably ,”Again” Facing a Near Impossible Task.
    I Have Also Forwarded Reveiws “On Her Films” On Amazon,I Have To Admit I
    Dont Actually Remember Seeing,”family” In The U.K,”Help Wanted” and First
    Noticed Her In,”Starsky and Hutch” and,”Love Boat” and Have Been a,”Fan”
    Since..”She Looks Stunning In The Pirate Movie”..and People Say She Can,t Sing.?
    Thanks For Some Nice Feedback..Kind Regards..Barry.J

  37. Stevie Patron says:

    i absolutely love Kristy McNichol ! I love all her movies & she seems very sweet & kind……….she deserved an oscar nomination or the actual best actress/best supporting actress oscar for little darlings,only when i laugh or night the lights went out in georgia……deserved those emmys too…………

    • Glynn Emdy says:

      Thanks Barry,
      It is so encouraging to me to know that there are a few good people left in this insane world.
      Kindest Regards to you and yours,

  38. Stevie Patron says:

    i agree 100%… gay too lol

  39. Anonymous says:

    WOW, What an interesting read. I would have to agree with the thousand of fans that love the siblings. They sang fine and they very loving and caring about each other. I got to work with them both at the Chicago Hollywood Show this past Sept 2013 and they were everything we all wished they were when they were famous. Down home…humble…giving,,,outgoing…responsive…and so much more.

    I can proudly say that Jimmy is a close friend now and I had the pleasure of meeting Kris in Chicago. She is very private with her personal life and the love they have for thier immediate family, which means their mom, is truly a sight to behold. To see such true love and concern for each others’ well being is phenominal. As a friend, I will say to all, these two are the most humane people I have ever met.


    • Barry Jenkins says:

      Dear Lisa
      Thank You For The Information,If Ever You Again Ecncounter Kristy,Please Do
      Maker Her Aware She Is Still Fondly Rememebered and Loved,”By British People
      as Well As American”,and Who Still Cannot Understand How So-Called,”Experts”
      Have Nothing Better To Do Than Make Sick,Vile and Downright Offensive Remarks.
      Towards Somone Who,With Her Talent Brought a Little Ray Of Sunshine Into an
      Every Day Persons Life,.im Touched..
      ps.Any Information Regarding Their Younger,”Secret” Sibling,”Tommy” Would Be
      Kindest Regards
      Barry.J “UK”

  40. Barry Jenkins says:

    Thanks Again Glynn
    Kind Regards

  41. barry Jenkins says:

    to Glenn “Emdy” stevie,”patron” “lisa” and All “freinds” of Kristy,jIMMY and Tommy
    on This Page,Heres Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas and Proserous New Year
    Kindest Regards
    Barry Jenkins, “GB/UK”

    • Glynn Emdy says:

      Barry, How thoughtful of you to send Christmas greetings when most are too busy to give it a thought. I pray God’s Blessings for you and for all friends of Kristy and her family.
      Glynn Emdy/Texas

  42. Barry Jenkins says:

    Dear Kelly.

    You Have More Guts Than Me,I Posted My Comment On This Site as Most
    You Have To Register,This One You Dont,But Its Nice To Know Their Are
    Some Of Us Who Still Have Kristy In Our Hearts.
    She Is Not Mad/Nor Crazy,She Retired From Acting Due To Her Health,But I Just
    Wish People,”And Critics” Would Show Some Kindness.
    Best Wishes
    Barry J “UK”

  43. Trace says:

    what a shallow self-absorbed statement… “I, I, Me, Me”… no “Thanks, you guys, for caring” or “I love you all”, etc. I’ve met this tramp and she’s NOT an ingratiating person. I’m glad she crawled into a hole and pulled the topsoil in after her. good riddance, Krusty McKluckol

    • Barry Jenkins says:

      Its People Like The Above That Get Me Wild,Kristy,Once Said She Loved
      Loved Filmimg In Austrailia Becouse The People,”Instinctively care about
      peoples feelings”,Yet Its People Like This With No Heart That Bring The
      World Down,Most Of The Comments Ive Read By People Who Have Met
      Her Have Been Positive,She Graciously Signs Photos at Her Personal
      Appearances Yet She Gets Referred To as a,”tramp”,You Want To See
      “Shallow” and “Self Absorbed” Check Out Justin Beiber,Quickly On
      The Road To Adult Self Destruction,”At Least Kristy Never Vomited On
      Stage” To My knowladge. Barry J “UK”

  44. Love says:

    Not a “trace” of “tramp” in the sexiest woman to ever grace the screen.

  45. Barry Jenkins says:

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year To All The Decent People On
    This Page,i Just Cannot Understand How Somone With So Much Talent,”Yet
    Possibly Was Not Able To Cope With The Pressures Of The Hollywood System”,
    Stiil Seems To Have So Much Ridicule Against Her..
    Barry J

  46. stan podgorski says:

    i have had a crush on kristy since the 1st time i seen her on tv she still looks good! i would love to meet her does she ever do any signings or anything?

  47. John says:

    Your about to get your… Kicked. Go back to the hole you crawled out of. I find you in person, you will beg!

  48. Scott Spring says:

    i love kristy mcnichol huge fan she has the best smile wishes i could have met her

  49. Scott Spring says:

    ihope to meet her in another life

  50. Montresor Herringbone says:

    This blog is obviously designed to elicit a response. Insult a former celebrity and watch the fireworks erupt in the comments section. I was actually surprised how young Kristy looked in recent photos. Anyone who watched TV in 70’s will recognize her from the numerous roles she played. She’s always had a wholesome look and image. Not a bad actress either.

    • Mr Barry Jenkins says:

      Absolutely agree 100% managed To Obtain both Kristy and Jiimmys Autograph
      “Signed photo” “mega scarce” Also “family” Series 1 “vols 1+2” on German Import
      “check”, Barry J “Gravesend Kent.GB.UK”

  51. Lincoln Robertson says:

    If she is so obscure and pathetic, what does that make you, writing about her? Maybe it’s just a nasty title to draw attention in the Google search. I clicked on the link simply to point out how nasty the title is and how unnecessary. I didn’t bother reading the article.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Hardly obscure

  53. Terri Sorenson says:

    You’re an idiot and a lousy critic. Nuff said.

  54. Anonymous says:

    What’s your fucking problem? Learn some tact and learn how to write.

  55. barry jenkins says:

    Does anyone Know What Kristys Doing at The Moment,Plus If anybody out there Got The
    Boigraphy I Wrote,”Took Me nearly two Years Plus to Do/Never Completed and Almost
    Drove Me Nuts In The Process” Please Leave a Reply.
    Regards Barry J “Jenkins” GB/UK

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