Joyce Dewitt – TV Actress … and That’s it

Celeb:  Joyce Dewitt
Occupation:  Co-Star of 1970’s sitcom Three’s Company (she was the least of the company)




Oh my.  Joyce Dewitt has seen better days. In fact the pic on the left is (what else) a mugshot from her July 4, 2009 arrest in El Segundo, California for (what else) drunk driving. Man, don’t these celebrities get it? That’s a long list. She was ordered to undergo a 9 month alcohol program and was placed on three years’ probation.  To see her as Janet Wood in a scene from Three’s Company click here. You can see why the show was cancelled.

Joyce was known for her role as Janet Wood on the 1977 – 1984 sitcom Three’s Company with Suzanne Somers and John Ritter. She was the asexual character in the group. Ritter was a perv and Somers was the (what else) ditzy, busty, blonde bombshell. After the show tanked, Joyce made an appearance in a 1995 comedy Spring Fling! She guest starred in forgettable roles on a variety of tv programs during 2000 – 2005. She made a shot as a director and producer in a tv flick called (what else) Behind the Camera:  The Unauthorized Story of Three’s Company. Wow. What a boring biography.  Joyce truly is one of the worst wash ups in the history of Hollywood television.

To see the interview Donnie Meets Joyce Dewitt click here. The intro describes Joyce as everybody’s little sister, the voice of reason“. Now I ask the ladies reading this blog, would you want that image as a television star.  Didn’t think so.

If you’d like the chance to dunk her animated character into the washed up celebrity dunking booth, click here.

It didn’t get tawdry.  Yawn.

Comeback Grade: N for None
Joyce’s Facebook Fans: 1,665 – pitiful 

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4 Responses to Joyce Dewitt – TV Actress … and That’s it

  1. Anonymous says:

    Suzanne Somers always got the attention for the blonde hair and jiggle but Joyce Dewitt had one hell of a nice ass.

    • dbalentine says:

      in her heyday, joyce dewitt was one of the hottest chicks on tv, to me, she looked wayyyyyyyyy better than the list of blonde costars that were cast on the show (although i have a soft spot, or should i say hard spot for jennilee harrison)

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  3. Man your assessments are right out mean and inaccurate. I mean Three’s compsny was a hilarious show and John Ritter as well as Joyce DeWitt immesnely talented. To just casually piss on it by saying “yeah you will understand why it was cancelled” is kinda not right. I mena if you did not like it it, fair enough, but to just declare it a crappy show? And then that bullshit you said about Roseanne making up the abuse charges. Unbelievable. To be acting like you know her and that she is lying.

    your criteria for what is considered a washed up celeb is apparently how many facebook fans they have which says a lot more about how pathetic your criteria for greatness is, and whether they have aged badly and are fat. You seem to miss that drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases when you dismiss those who suffer from it as losers and washed up assholes. I agree with some of your assessment about who is washed up and for what reason but your assessment is right out mean and false in some places.

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