Danny Bonaduce – Actor and Addict

Celeb:  Danny Bonaduce
Occupation:  TV Actor




Danny Bonaduce has aged somewhat but he cleans up well when he wants to. Besides he couldn’t possibly get any worse than his childhood pic. Danny played Danny Partridge on the 1970s sitcom The Partridge Family. The show was lauded for its male lead, David Cassidy, and female lead, Shirley Jones who was David`s stepmother in real life. Danny had some funny moments but mostly he was chubby, orange-haired and painful to watch. However that didn`t stop Danny from believing in his own stardom and his failure to transition from child to adult star proved to be a painful reality check. To see Danny in a scene from The Partridge Family click here.

Danny alleged that he grew up in a dysfunctional household and was physically abused by his father. That sucks. It may be a foreshadowing of misfortunes to come.  After the series ended and in Danny`s late teens and early 20`s he abused drugs and alcohol as is typical of wash ups, however allowing for Danny`s abusive upbringing there is room for sympathy here. He was also homeless for a time. That also sucks. He lived in his car behind, appropriately enough, Grauman`s Chinese Theatre, the landmark encircled by the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

That`s where it gets tawdry.

In 1990 he was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona for àn “altercation“ with a male transvestite (yep, he visited male prostitutes). Danny`s struggle with drugs and alcohol continued through 2007. Danny co-starred on the television talk show The Other Half, supposedly a male rendition of The View, but it only lasted 2 seasons. In 2007 Danny appeared in a self-named reality show. At the Fox Reality Awards,  Danny had a serious run-in with Survivor participant Jon Dalton. Danny muttered something to Joe who promptly jumped into Danny`s arms, wrapping his own around Danny`s neck. To say Danny didn`t react well is like saying Chernobyl`s nuclear explosion was unsettling. Danny lifted Joe over his head and slammed him face first onto the stage. Ouch! To add insult to Joe`s injury Danny smiled, made faces and exaggerated shrugging motions at the audience.  Nice. To see Danny tossing Jon over his shoulders at the Fox Reality Awards click here.
To see Danny on Joy Behar – Stars in Trouble click here.
To see Donny Bonaduce Bites Local DJ click here.

He`s had a few gigs here and there and he is certainly in the public eye, if not for being a star then certainly for being a psychopath.
Comeback Grade:  C for Certifiable
Danny’s Facebook Fans:  2,559 – washed up

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