Melanie Griffith – Actress and Airhead

Celeb:  Melanie Griffith
Occupation: Actress in 1980’s Movies




Once upon a time Melanie Griffith was a huge star in Hollywood. Seriously. I never knew why since she was not a good actress and not especially attractive (trust me, the pic above was an exception to the rule). Plus, her voice drove me nuts. She sounded like such a bimbo. However somebody in tinsel town liked her and she enjoyed fame and fortune, as well as a high profile relationship with another washed-up 1980’s celebrity, Don Johnson. In fact, Melanie began dating Johnson when she was 14 and he was 22. Statutory, anyone? They later married for a whole six months. Romeo and Juliet they weren’t.

Melanie appeared in such successful A-list flicks as Working Girl (no, not that kind you perv) opposite Harrison Ford, receiving an Academy Award nomination and winning a Golden Globe award. In 1990 Melanie starred in Pacific Heights opposite Michael Keaton, a good flick I must admit. She did a good job in The Bonfire of the Vanities but the film was not well received. In late 1998 she starred as a ditzy heroin user in Another Day in Paradise. Critics lauded her as giving the best performance of her career. Wonder why. Guess she had lots of practice off screen.

Melanie starred in too many movies with too many co-star celebs to mention.  She definitely had a very good run as far as washed up celebs go. Her last television appearances ran between 2005 – 2010 a number of popular sitcoms.


That’s where it gets tawdry.

In spite of her many successes, Melanie began abusing alcohol.  She married her co-star in the television film She’s in the Army Now and had a son in 1985. She and her husband divorced in 1987 (surprise) and she turned to cocaine and drinking to fill the void. In 1988 she checked into rehab and got sober, then she re-married Don Johnson. (was she sure she was sober?) They had a daughter, Dakota, and Melanie left Don 6 years later due to his own drug and drinking problems. Lucky Dakota. She’s not a train wreck waiting to happen. 

Melanie finally got taste in men and married Antonio Banderas. They had a daughter in 1996. Melanie was in and out of rehab for a number of years until she underwent surgery for skin cancer in 2009. Her entire family took part in her rehab and she claims to be sober nowadays.
Comeback Grade:  H for How did she ever get famous in the first place?
Melanie’s Facebook Fans: 1,311 – washed up

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9 Responses to Melanie Griffith – Actress and Airhead

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a shame this writer is. Opinions are like assholes….everyone has one so what makes yours better?

  2. bob says:

    I think she is a very good actress. She made many very good movies. Working Girl is one of my all time favorites. I also like her voice. I don’t think she sounds like an air head. She is very cute and sexy in a natural way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Shame Melanie used plastic surgery as a hobby. It destroyed her career.

  4. Gigi says:

    Me thinks the writer is a little jealous. Has the writer starred in movies opposite Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Ed Harris, Antonio Banderas, Darryl Hannah, Alec Baldwin, Bruce Willis,Tom Hanks, Nick Nolte, Treat Williams, John Malkovich, (the list is endless) or has the writer had Tippi Hedren for a mother (who had an envious Hollywood career of her own) and lived a glamourous, exciting, roller coaster of adventurous life, does the writer have her kind of money, her fame,or have any idea of the happiness and beauty she lived, we are all imperfect creatures, in an imperfect world, but to belittle someones shortcomings only shows ignorance, so there is that thing called “jealousy” rearing its ugly head.

  5. B. Cunningham says:

    I would not say she is the ideal model for someone to emulate, but very few of us can make that claim. As far as her being an “airhead”, I would be very careful about drawing conclusions like that without knowing the individual whose intellect you are impugning. Human beings are not one-dimensional and usually have far greater depth than they reveal to the world. Melanie’s mother, Tippi Hedren, is certainly not an airhead nor was her father. If you subscribe to the theory that the “fruit does not fall far from the tree” then Melanie likely has more on the ball than you know.

  6. Melanie, call Gary @ 502-749-9355

  7. May says:

    My goodness you are charming, aren’t you?

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