Les Mckeown – Bisexual in Bay City

Celebrity: Les Mckeown
Occupation:  Frontman of the 1970’s pop band The Bay City Rollers


(Now) Here is one of those overnight sensational band success stories. The Bay City Rollers are a Scottish pop band (they’re still together doing occasional gigs in the UK, believe it or not). They were cute. They wore “floods” (jeans that were about a foot too short) lined in plaid. Teenie boppers everywhere wanted to commit hara kiri over them. Les was probably the best-looking in the bunch (a bit on the skinny side, but that seems par for the course with young bands). Les started out as a hard-working devotee of the band and their success. Then the band paid a visit to Hollywood. Uh-oh. You just know that cannot be good. To see Les being interviewed for Bubble Gum and Cheese click here.

That’s where it gets tawdry.

Les really got into the LA scene: drugging, drinking, sexing everything that moved (male and female as it turned out). When the band finished their LA tour they left and he stayed. Talk about a recipe for disaster. One of their biggest hits, Saturday Night, has the line “gonna rock it up, roll it up, do it all, have a ball”… certainly sounds like Les took that one seriously. Bandless and broke, Les began hitting the bottle hard. There are mugshots somewhere on the internet reflecting his nasty physical deterioration due to his raunchy lifestyle. He couldn’t get picked up by another band and his celebrity crashed. He went through multiple arrests and generally turned into a homeless dufus. Clearly, I don’t feel sorry for the pampered brat. Somehow he met and married a Japanese woman named Peko, with whom he had a son. He verbally abused both on a regular basis.

Les decided to come clean to friends and family about his homosexuality. It may be that he is bisexual with a homosexual preference; that one is unclear. He claims he hit the bottle to avoid the issue of his sexuality. He also alleges that he didn’t know he had homoerotic tendencies until he was raped by a man at the age of 19 while under the influence of quaaludes. That experience haunts him to this day. Read about that here.

The Comeback
Les went to rehab and sobered up.His marriage is hanging in there. Les started his own band, Les Mckeown’s Bay City Rollers and they are soon to tour the States. I’ll throw my hat into that ring so long as its a small venue. I hate big crowds. Seriously, I’ll buy a ticket. A tribute to my dreadful musical taste as a 12-year-old. Why not?

Comeback Grade:  G for Gonna keep on dancin`to the rock and roll…on Saturday Night, Saturday night…

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9 Responses to Les Mckeown – Bisexual in Bay City

  1. kaemeca says:

    I don’t care about lifestyles,that is his private. I know only one thing.He is my hero.
    I love THE BCR band very much.Everybody in the BCR band ,they are my hero.
    Please take care of your health, Les,I miss you and everybody of the BCR band very much.

  2. kob says:

    he is so good

  3. Anonymous says:

    so what , if he is all that , he is still a wonderful, warm person, and what business is it of yours!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I still like his music and voice

  5. gordon says:

    Pitty he did.nt come clean sooner maybe Pat Mcglynn could have got justice and jailed that beast Paton he did the same to him

  6. Shirley Elder says:

    I love the Bay City Rollers today as much as in the 70’s. Their music is timeless. I will be going to see them in Belleville Ontario May 2. They were the 1st band I saw in concert at the CNE 1976….

  7. Ray Gibbons says:

    A very successful band who sold a lot of records. They were only kids at the time, tragic how they were ripped off, they should have been rich Men. Respect boys and good luck to you Les.

  8. What's taking so long? says:

    Very judgmental article about Les being gay.

  9. Such a sad tail….they were all fab we adored them (Les my fave by the way ) i wish them all well, we was in blackpool this weekend watching Les and his legendary bay city rollers band they were a sensation…ive waited over 40yrs to see him in person and he was amazing, he even stood talking to all 12 of us for 20mins outside afterwards, a lovely guy and a true gent, we all have a past thats why its called a past because its behind us where it should stay….him and Peko have stayed together so long now theyare unbreakable……scotch hats off to you Les Peko and Richard we wish you strength and lots of happiness and i will be coming to see you again…..mwah…MW

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